Fabric Trends

From my uni project, I have thought about it in a different way and what it could be communicating to my audience. I have now submitted this to AOL world illustration awards.


When fashion and art collide How can I make texture of fabric visual and make it move? Trying to focus more around the colours patterns and fabric rather than it be a ‘fashion show’ and how I can communicate that?  

Exploring layering altering opacity the image becoming translucent which enables to layer up and play with what’s above and below. With removal of RGB colours on certain layers I feel adds ore interest gives more of a playful approach due to depending on what’s above and below will affect the colour and impacts in a positive way to the transition of movement. 




Sequencial communication

Everyone that knows me, the word ‘Narrative’ stops me from working don’t ask why but it has such a hold over me of what a narrative is! BUT this term our main focus being about Narrative. Just changing up the language and even when the brief states narrative ignoring this and chancing to sequence has allowed me to explore and make work ultimately narrative based.

Storytelling in the 1920’s using distinctly geometric shapes, is this due to the limitations of technology during these periods? not that there is anything wrong as these three videos are amazing for the time period. I have been looking at how the sound is a very important part to telling the stories within certain pieces, These eras the sound is often a similar type of music. Is this to create distinct unique sounds to help set the scene and create the mood?


Moving image and sound

This was challenging to be restrictive in the amount of content I decided to use for this blog post each video opening up this new way of seeing moving image and sound, but not how we know it think this is what makes it all so much more special than how we would see or produce this in our era with the technological advances. But are we now to reliant? (even though I do produce a lot of my work reliant on modern day technology)

It was my tours that introduced Len lyes work to me showing me how moving image colour and sound can work in harmony and take something that extra mile…

Then I got sucked into looking more into 1920’s-1960’s moving image and sound there is something really amazing about all of these they flow seamlessly and considering none of these were made with anything like what we have, it would have been film drawing on film cutting it up and working I would have thought a long process to achieve some of these. They all hold these hand made like qualities which I no for me is something i am always trying to add back into my work even if none of it is done by hand.

Project reflection making the invisible visible

When you ran with the same concept throughout a project. Which is a process I am now starting to be able to hold on to more often than not now and push that one idea into different directions but always comes back to that one Idea and going off on to much of a different direction I end up producing so much work that doesn’t fit with what I am trying to communicate more times than not creating to much work that can potentially be a completely different project in its own right.

The hardest thing for me with this project was the HP reveal not liking my trigger images no matter what I tried to tweak them, in the moments I got them working using the app in real time and space again not having any luck in that department my animations didn’t work or would get stuck. I still am at a point that no matter what I try I cant seem to get any consistency from the software. I think I am going to now say I have reached a point in this project that For it to communicate well I will have to take a different approach and scrap the idea of hp reveal being the right thing to use. But I understand all the reasons why it doesn’t having that realisation and understanding is a good thing I guess.

Fashion and moving image

Continuing with research for my current project, I am finding more ways in which fashion is being communicated through moving image. I think that by using this technique is an effective way to show an over-view of a collection as these in particular link to various fashion weeks this process is being used all over the world for this purpose. It allows a quick interesting insight to the designers collections of work, in my opinion more so than just a photograph. They catch your eye quicker and hold your attention for longer than  photograph due to them moving so quickly from each model. For me it makes me want t know more about the designer or the brand compered to looking through a static collection can  transitioning one image into another. Gives you a feel of the mood the collection is trying to create as a body of work. I would love to explore this way of communicating more within my own practice.


DECO gif Paris SS16OCCULT gif Paris SS16



London AW15 GIFs | Dazed



Milan Fashion Week GIFS, SS16, Dazed Digital

Making it visual

How can I make texture of fabric visual and make it move? exploring the drawing process of this and playing with the idea of sequence of colours, opacity.

Along side that exploring the removal of RGB colours through different layers has quickly become important with my communication for this. Testing out filters taking one filter for example poster edges altering each layer with the amount it impacts on the layer is a fun way to create different textures but ultimately it still remains the same image but visually looks like a different image.




Experimenting through process

These drawings I am using a combination of collage and digital drawing. Making the content as a body of work has  been important for me to develop this into the next process. I have found working this way allows me to progress faster through process’s. As you can see exploring the removal of RGB on some of my work allows this really interesting transparent multi coloured effect.



Exploring moving image through digital drawing and combining with collage layers. With these Giff’s I have been exploring layering through altering opacity the image becoming translucent which enables me to layer up and play with whats above and whats below a bit more. With removal of RGB colours on certain layers I feel adds ore interest and gives more of a playful approach due to depending on whats above and whats below will affect the colour and impacts in a positive way to the transition of movement.

The Giff below I am thinking of developing this further and it needs run on a loop to hold the consistency as with it only moving three times it doesn’t make sense at this moment. Also am thinking of the background to be a transparent layer. So this will overlay another animation possibly.






What is animation

Learning the principle of animation in the studio;

  • Time/ Increment
  • Squash/ Stretch
  • Sequence
  • Expression
  • Holding position boil and breathing, loops, giffs, automata

we had a one day workshop exploring how moving image is formed how to create simple animations using analogue techniques as well as digital techniques. I get a bit nervous of the thought of this process as it looks so complex but ultimately its not. Its just creating a still image in a sense but building it up into a sequence what ever this maybe, understanding the reason for the movement and the world can do anything.

simple  quick tests I played with in the workshop one using photography and the other using drawing.

Animated GIF-downsized (1).gif

We was also asked to make a ball move which once I grasped it was quite fun and quick, by being able to do this simple task is one of the the most simplest ways to match the theory with the visual.

Project progression

From test shots to creating the film. The key points I feel that I had to highly conciser being the music to capture the atmosphere. Trailing and testing these ended up being more important than the stop motion itself! In my opinion it could never had worked as a complete silent film. I felt that being reliant just on sound effects to capture was not enough to make sense of it even for myself. splitting my film into four sections (not equal to the same length) allowed me to explore and develop this strange narrative.


The whole purpose of this project is to make a “crap” video, not some spectacular animation or film, with a really short time frame for this project just under three weeks. I wont lie it was daunting. Couldn’t understand why the purpose wasn’t to make something  ‘GOOD’


It was being OK for things not to aim for perfection, ignoring that inner critic and that is OK. That was now thinking about it  liberating after I got over the fact, There would be no time to make the perfect outcome.


With these four sections of film I have made from still photos using stop animation. I think its gone fine. I have to laugh at it and have been whilst editing it all together which is not like me (if I don’t laugh I will cry) but saying that  I think it does communicate what I wanted. No its not the best video there is so much that to make it ‘GOOD’ proportionally I could have changed and edited a lot.But when is anything ever good enough for ourselves? I have learnt a lot in this project, its about balance and not being hung up of what that inner critic is saying, its being able to shut it down and just run with what ever way its going and being OK with it  not working or being ‘PERFECT’