Fabric Trends

From my uni project, I have thought about it in a different way and what it could be communicating to my audience. I have now submitted this to AOL world illustration awards.


When fashion and art collide How can I make texture of fabric visual and make it move? Trying to focus more around the colours patterns and fabric rather than it be a ‘fashion show’ and how I can communicate that?  

Exploring layering altering opacity the image becoming translucent which enables to layer up and play with what’s above and below. With removal of RGB colours on certain layers I feel adds ore interest gives more of a playful approach due to depending on what’s above and below will affect the colour and impacts in a positive way to the transition of movement. 




Abstract drawing

First Drawing of the new year. Experimenting with gradient colours, overlaying and distorting shapes. I want to make sometime this year or include elements into my projects. Using the Idea of communication in a non literal way. This digital drawing below I was just literally playing around with colour and shape through playing with process I feel that it has started to form this idea of leaves and flowers, I still want to work through and refine this drawing more. This could become a thing I run alongside projects without it feeling pressured.


Exploring The potential

Most of the time I am working in 2D but can see my work past the bounds of this environment. What would it look like placed on something 3D how would it work on fabric a T-shirt design? I have decided this year I am hoping to play with this more placing my work into these areas using templates purely to see if it would or can work in this way. Working with Adobe creative cloud allows me access to templates and quick simple ways in which to place and test out what the potential of this could become. Placing and seeing images off a flat surface adding a new dimension of what is possible.

          Flat surface pattern 


         Christmas cards and Patterns


Digital Pattern

This is a process I always come back to, playing with pattern and repetition. I love to crop out an element of a photograph I have taken and explore the potential it may to create something new.  The question I am always asking myself how does it change the communication? Does this differ if it’s a cropped section of an image or when using the whole image as a pattern.

              Photo manipulation

Another way I explore this process is through digital drawing using broad range of brushes in photoshop. This is more visual play sometimes it works and sometimes not. Using symmetry tools within photoshops allows a pattern to form quickly or gives an instant starting point to an idea. Exploring the vast range of brushes adobe has to offer allows me freedom to work without overthinking it which can often hinder my process when working analogue.                                                                   


Everything tells a story

There is always a story to tell! Maybe now that I have had a whole module on sequential communication the word narrative doesn’t have the same creative block hinderance it once maybe did! I think it has had a positive impact actually everything has a story to tell, the way it is presented can more or less take any form of creative practice.


Historical architecture has just as much value in storytelling as modern day contemporary practices. I am now thinking in someways do they hold more value? how long must they have taken to make and carve, The limitations they had in tools and technology. Its a thought I guess, the two pillars below they are not small and completely intact but every part has a historical story or meaning attached, with such detail of a drawing of which it is but just in a different context. I think this module has helped me embrace my fears when it comes to narrative based work. Personally for me it would take form in more sequence based moving image photography or pattern. I still need to embrace the narrative with text but one thing at a time I guess.


V&A Colletions

On my recent trip to the V&A: I spent the day looking at fabric textures and patterns documenting through photography and quick pencil drawings which I have developed further into my Lithography module work. It wasn’t until I was there and walking around drawing and photographing, not allowing myself to get caught up with the ‘perfect’ drawing and just get something onto paper. It became a process that I feel I need to do more allowing myself the freedom to make a mark on paper and not over think every aspect of what it should or could be became a really nice way of documenting and gathering a lot of content in such a short space of time.

Most of what I was looking at was fabric and patterns, which in my work are two big areas I like to explore as much as I can taking elements and inspiration to then develop into my own work.

Looking more closely at the patterns that are contained rather than the overall garment it is. Looking more closely at the line of pattern and how they are compositionally placed within the fabric.

Drawings I have developed from this the reason I have used red and black they are potentially are going to go from drawing to lithographic prints. Depending on If I go straight with these drawings using certain colours will block out the UV light also if I go the other way and Half tone them I am hoping to be able to get more of a balance of tonal values using two different contrasting colours


I am thinking the top drawing’s are complete but still woking through this one below. Depending on how much I look at them pinned up will determine how much I will keep adding to them. I have found recently that. Having work pinned up in my house even if I have no intention of developing it further or am unsure. subconsciously I am looking at it more than I realise at times helps the missing link click or just gives me enough clarification its ok to stop were I am at.



Window designs

As like with liberty’s Christmas displays other stores have also used a minimal colour scheme again using line drawings and 2D cut out displays which work well amongst bold colours of clothing or that clean minimalistic feel. I think this way of design in my opinion will draw more public attention to stop and look at the work that has been created I guess its like a movie or theatre set in some ways.

Coach’s display melts my heart this was one of the only 3D structured Windows I saw, but still non complicated and again an animal theme like many, The cute creatures become as important as the products being displayed like little furry helpers. Again if I could have seen this at night it would have given a complete new take on the feel and mood of what the windows looked like as from what I could visually see the whole thing is back lit by fairy lights