Fashion and moving image

Continuing with research for my current project, I am finding more ways in which fashion is being communicated through moving image. I think that by using this technique is an effective way to show an over-view of a collection as these in particular link to various fashion weeks this process is being used all over the world for this purpose. It allows a quick interesting insight to the designers collections of work, in my opinion more so than just a photograph. They catch your eye quicker and hold your attention for longer than  photograph due to them moving so quickly from each model. For me it makes me want t know more about the designer or the brand compered to looking through a static collection can  transitioning one image into another. Gives you a feel of the mood the collection is trying to create as a body of work. I would love to explore this way of communicating more within my own practice.

DECO gif Paris SS16OCCULT gif Paris SS16

London AW15 GIFs | Dazed

Milan Fashion Week GIFS, SS16, Dazed Digital

What is animation

Learning the principle of animation in the studio;

  • Time/ Increment
  • Squash/ Stretch
  • Sequence
  • Expression
  • Holding position boil and breathing, loops, giffs, automata

we had a one day workshop exploring how moving image is formed how to create simple animations using analogue techniques as well as digital techniques. I get a bit nervous of the thought of this process as it looks so complex but ultimately its not. Its just creating a still image in a sense but building it up into a sequence what ever this maybe, understanding the reason for the movement and the world can do anything.

simple  quick tests I played with in the workshop one using photography and the other using drawing.

Animated GIF-downsized (1).gif

We was also asked to make a ball move which once I grasped it was quite fun and quick, by being able to do this simple task is one of the the most simplest ways to match the theory with the visual.