Fashion and moving image

Continuing with research for my current project, I am finding more ways in which fashion is being communicated through moving image. I think that by using this technique is an effective way to show an over-view of a collection as these in particular link to various fashion weeks this process is being used all over the world for this purpose. It allows a quick interesting insight to the designers collections of work, in my opinion more so than just a photograph. They catch your eye quicker and hold your attention for longer than  photograph due to them moving so quickly from each model. For me it makes me want t know more about the designer or the brand compered to looking through a static collection can  transitioning one image into another. Gives you a feel of the mood the collection is trying to create as a body of work. I would love to explore this way of communicating more within my own practice.

DECO gif Paris SS16OCCULT gif Paris SS16

London AW15 GIFs | Dazed

Milan Fashion Week GIFS, SS16, Dazed Digital

Editing and Re-editing

The stress is real So I have spent time scaling up my Bakery which wasn’t as straight forward as it could have been everything had to be adjusted or made bigger as the composition it looked wrong if I didn’t alter everything.


As you can see its much more of a polished set compared to my previous one. Do I prefer this? No I feel like it has lost character. Even though the original set the scale and composition was all wrong, that roughness to it I think added to the character of the video and it fitted with what I was communicating.


This second edit has held the constancy of light whist I photographed over tow days as the same kind of time, allowing the photos to flow and hold the sequence better.


I had to upload this to YouTube I am not sure if this was because I ended up doing all of this in premier pro (which I am still learning) There is still room for so much more improvement, think its all about practice and fully understanding the software. But for the timescale I had to re-edit the whole thing, I would still be tearing my hair out and not have a thing to show!

Project progression

From test shots to creating the film. The key points I feel that I had to highly conciser being the music to capture the atmosphere. Trailing and testing these ended up being more important than the stop motion itself! In my opinion it could never had worked as a complete silent film. I felt that being reliant just on sound effects to capture was not enough to make sense of it even for myself. splitting my film into four sections (not equal to the same length) allowed me to explore and develop this strange narrative.


The whole purpose of this project is to make a “crap” video, not some spectacular animation or film, with a really short time frame for this project just under three weeks. I wont lie it was daunting. Couldn’t understand why the purpose wasn’t to make something  ‘GOOD’


It was being OK for things not to aim for perfection, ignoring that inner critic and that is OK. That was now thinking about it  liberating after I got over the fact, There would be no time to make the perfect outcome.


With these four sections of film I have made from still photos using stop animation. I think its gone fine. I have to laugh at it and have been whilst editing it all together which is not like me (if I don’t laugh I will cry) but saying that  I think it does communicate what I wanted. No its not the best video there is so much that to make it ‘GOOD’ proportionally I could have changed and edited a lot.But when is anything ever good enough for ourselves? I have learnt a lot in this project, its about balance and not being hung up of what that inner critic is saying, its being able to shut it down and just run with what ever way its going and being OK with it  not working or being ‘PERFECT’