Stage/set design

When art and fashion collide, even though in my own opinion there is not a separation between the two art is fashion and fashion is art. They cross over so fluidly that you don’t have one without the other they are both forms of visual communication. I guess the way in which they differ can be the production or final outcome would not always be the same.

“As Vogue accurately put it, it was a “set meant to evoke Washington Square circa a century ago.” Simply magical.”




“Set inside of the old Selfridge’s hotel, Erdem sent models around an attic-like room amid overgrown flowers and even a giant polar bear.”


Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 14.16.28Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 14.15.56

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 14.14.44

“She’ll study each shoot’s theme for weeks in advance, gathering facts about everything, from the location itself to finer points of a photographer’s historical references, and scour flea markets around the world for spectacular and unexpected vintage props.”


Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 14.14.26






I have taken two parts of Marys interview that I feel are such an important thing to think about and she gives a nice brake down to how she develops and pushes her idea until the final shoot. Her responses hold a set of important working methods and questions which could be helpful across may areas of art and design. This makes me want to explore what are important questions I ask myself? when exploring or developing work. I feel a set of fundamental guidelines and questions would be beneficial to me and sets a guide within my own working process I am definitely going to explore into this area more for next term thinking if anything it will help me to feel more grounded and constantly move forward effectively.

“You do extensive research and create binders for each shoot, but what is the most rewarding part of that pre-shoot process?
I would say the discovery part—figuring out what the look and the set can be. Sometimes it’s very simple or specific, so there isn’t a lot of research to be done, though it’s often more open and will start as an initial idea, which will transform. There’s a lot of material that I come across during the prep that will inform what I bring to each shoot. And the transformation can continue on set, especially when you see it in reality—things are added, taken away. It can be a constant process of editing, exploring, and developing until the last frame is taken.”

“Given that you’ve done so many shoots, how do you keep your ideas and concepts fresh?
This always concerns me, since I hate looking back or repeating. It’s important to me to push the image forward. I think it’s a case of always being aware of images and working out what can be fresh in the picture. This takes knowing what came before, borrowing from that, and then adding some new twist or dimension to it.”

Fashion and moving image

Continuing with research for my current project, I am finding more ways in which fashion is being communicated through moving image. I think that by using this technique is an effective way to show an over-view of a collection as these in particular link to various fashion weeks this process is being used all over the world for this purpose. It allows a quick interesting insight to the designers collections of work, in my opinion more so than just a photograph. They catch your eye quicker and hold your attention for longer than  photograph due to them moving so quickly from each model. For me it makes me want t know more about the designer or the brand compered to looking through a static collection can  transitioning one image into another. Gives you a feel of the mood the collection is trying to create as a body of work. I would love to explore this way of communicating more within my own practice.

DECO gif Paris SS16OCCULT gif Paris SS16

London AW15 GIFs | Dazed

Milan Fashion Week GIFS, SS16, Dazed Digital

Interactive look-book

I have been trying to figure this out how can I make this work? I am pinpointing towards two very distinct trends that are visible everywhere this season on the high street Animal print and Plaid. I’ve decided to stick to just two mainly due to the limited time frame I have to work through this process.

Trying to focus more around the colours patterns and fabric rather than it be a ‘fashion show’ and how I can communicate that? Can I lean into some underling subliminal message that could add a different take on it? Like within most forms of advertising one or more is always there its being able to read it when its not directly being pointed out!

I feel to find a way for me to see how this can work for me, is to see what has been done or what is being done to help inform and understand my own idea in my head.

 I have never seen anything quite so amazing when it comes to fashion and technology. I guess if your not looking for it. Its not a thing that you would just stumble upon. Even though this is ‘Fashion show’ Does this mean that the potential for bringing a world to us through augmented reality and become part of something? or will in the future we become as much part of the show/ experience of everyone who has organised it looking at it through the sense above. With out the technology it would be models walking alongside a white wall. London comes to china literally with this experance

The Autumn/Winter 2014 fashion show by Goelia has been really impressive by offering an augmented reality experience to the spectators. Discover the new models in a colorful virtual London environment”

Yes Fashion can be looked at through the process of animation. This video shows there is so much you can do to give much more visual interest to a look-book or digital publication. The way in which the sequence comes to life for me takes me on a didn’t journey wanting to find out more and know more about brands or people that are using this process.

My own animation worked through stop frame within Photoshop, combining digital drawing and collage. building this multilayered GIF based around plaid fabric.


Drawing with stitch

Playing with process exploring different ways drawing can be communicated, using fabric markers and stitch. Even though at times this process be time consuming. Ultimately exploration with this is an interesting way to combine drawing techniques with media that I love but often neglect using due to the time factor. Having time to explore this over the summer has been a fun exciting task to add to my skills before returning to uni on the 1st of October.


Fashion illustration

Exploring how pattern samples can then be transitioned into fabric samples. With the ultimate aim to explore these through digital process into the the world of fashion. I am finding that the more I play on this the more exciting it becomes. I guess what ever is produced is never just for one purpose. Just reliving this for me opens the world up to crossing the line of what illustration can be if that makes any sense.



Folds of Fabric

Exploring how I can play with digital drawing and photography out of the context that it fits, exploring how I can create this fabric feel, but still allowing the original to hold the information but but placing it into folds of fabric does it become something else? could it transition to another way of working? does it give it potential to physically be printed onto fabric or textile? these are the questions I am asking myself, while I am playing with this idea?

These are my starting points purely through the process of play in Photoshop I am learning new things: these are what prompted me to explore this and find quicker more effective ways of placing work into folds of fabric.

I found it became inconsistent and frustrating with the above to push this further understanding and research. The images below being far from perfect but feel they could be the start of something maybe?

Using photography and drawing as a layer and taking actual fabric samples scanned or photographed as a separate layer, I feel has taken a step forward from were I originally was a week ago.

Avant-Garde VS Haute couture

Exploring the differences between Couture and Avant-Garde in regards to fashion. Depending on who you ask will determine the response.

To sum them up really simply:

Avant-Garde – is more exaggerated and to me allows fashion and art to cross over. Not always easily wearable garments if at all due to the wild nature every piece being unique. For me it is very inspirational even though I am not a fashion student, it can still help to inform ideas with bold colours, geometric shapes and the structure formed around the body.

Couture- can still be off the wall at times, but it holds a feel of elegance. Patterns and haberdashery elements that build on the garments. Couture is very much wearable at a cost the intricate workmanship within some pieces are breath taking to see visually, with the power of social media I often find myself watching videos of the construction from Dior to McQueen.

Avant-Garde Jenifer Lynn

Image result for jennifer lynn avant garde

Avant-Garde McQueen 

Image result for avant garde alexander mcqueen

Couture Dior

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Couture McQueen

Image result for mcqueen couture