Abstract drawing

First Drawing of the new year. Experimenting with gradient colours, overlaying and distorting shapes. I want to make sometime this year or include elements into my projects. Using the Idea of communication in a non literal way. This digital drawing below I was just literally playing around with colour and shape through playing with process I feel that it has started to form this idea of leaves and flowers, I still want to work through and refine this drawing more. This could become a thing I run alongside projects without it feeling pressured.


Exploring The potential

Most of the time I am working in 2D but can see my work past the bounds of this environment. What would it look like placed on something 3D how would it work on fabric a T-shirt design? I have decided this year I am hoping to play with this more placing my work into these areas using templates purely to see if it would or can work in this way. Working with Adobe creative cloud allows me access to templates and quick simple ways in which to place and test out what the potential of this could become. Placing and seeing images off a flat surface adding a new dimension of what is possible.

          Flat surface pattern 


         Christmas cards and Patterns


Digital Pattern

This is a process I always come back to, playing with pattern and repetition. I love to crop out an element of a photograph I have taken and explore the potential it may to create something new.  The question I am always asking myself how does it change the communication? Does this differ if it’s a cropped section of an image or when using the whole image as a pattern.

              Photo manipulation

Another way I explore this process is through digital drawing using broad range of brushes in photoshop. This is more visual play sometimes it works and sometimes not. Using symmetry tools within photoshops allows a pattern to form quickly or gives an instant starting point to an idea. Exploring the vast range of brushes adobe has to offer allows me freedom to work without overthinking it which can often hinder my process when working analogue.                                                                   


Experimenting through process

These drawings I am using a combination of collage and digital drawing. Making the content as a body of work has  been important for me to develop this into the next process. I have found working this way allows me to progress faster through process’s. As you can see exploring the removal of RGB on some of my work allows this really interesting transparent multi coloured effect.



Exploring moving image through digital drawing and combining with collage layers. With these Giff’s I have been exploring layering through altering opacity the image becoming translucent which enables me to layer up and play with whats above and whats below a bit more. With removal of RGB colours on certain layers I feel adds ore interest and gives more of a playful approach due to depending on whats above and whats below will affect the colour and impacts in a positive way to the transition of movement.

The Giff below I am thinking of developing this further and it needs run on a loop to hold the consistency as with it only moving three times it doesn’t make sense at this moment. Also am thinking of the background to be a transparent layer. So this will overlay another animation possibly.






Creating a mood

I’m playing with ideas digitally, using found images. Rather than just focusing on just the drawing or single image. Exploring the idea of creating a mood or atmosphere within one image. I think my recent zine and conversation with on of my tutors has made me want to play on this idea and explore that potential. I am trying to think of them as a double page spread like in a zine or book.

As Halloween has just past I wanted to look at this a starting point to explore ideas and how I can create this three dimensional environment rather than a series of static imagery.



The abandoned room: dolls



Butterfly room



Making a zine

My knowledge of using this process is OK, as long as I don’t over complicate it! The biggest thing for me that challenge’s me the most is it visualise my work being within the context of a zine. I find that I cant just make a prototype with notes with the page layout. Leading me to do more or that potentially is needed. Making a prototype with imagery even if I am using collage within the zine or printing on rough paper helps to give me a sense of order. I am very much aware that I need to find a more time effective and smarter way for me to work this process pre final design.

Above a really quick rough analogue mix of placement. Allows me to quickly work out the areas that are not going to work visually and what needs more development and refinement before printing the final thing.

Presentation when working with mixed media to create imagery think the biggest hurdle being once I start to layer and overlay analogue and digital into adobe illustrator or Photoshop, it can ascetically look prefect, but it doesn’t mean its going to print how it looks  on screen. I have had so much much experience with spending hours on something and its hard at times when the quality doesn’t match what is being seen digitally. I think this is something I am  becoming more aware of now I am leaning to using digital process a lot more to combine all the elements in the way I work. The answer is to print a series of contact sheets (keeping it small) which gives an instant visual mood-board. I guess in the same way I create my work on sheets of paper as can overview everything and reject work instantly.


I write the word in capitals as this is so important when making anything really. You could be the best illustrator, the drawing is to perfection BUT the paper stock is wrong can completely change the feel or mood of work, that’s my opinion anyway. Even down to the way the colour sits, saturation of colour, feel of the paper. These all are so important to consider when creating a zine that the paper fits with the ascetic of communication.