Process development

Working with surface texture and mixed media. Changing the paper suface from white to txtured colour wash I feel has instantaly changed the dimention of how I am working and thinking about placement and process. Using still 2D media building and playing on the surface I feel gives more intrest visually.

I Have only picked out parts of this but by photographing areas again holds such a different dimention than just the physical its self.

Were Could I go with this?

Over the last week I have building a body of work for my personal project, I think still in a broad sense to keep my options open when it comes to refining and deciding on which way has the potential to take forward towards as final piece.

I have decided to rule out creating this work on a purely digital basis, I feel it doesn’t hold the value for what I am trying to explore. What am I liking what have I got that is grabbing my attention right now?

These four hold different quality’s and use various media but there is something that is making me look back to these most out of everything I have been experimenting with. Is there a way of linking these and creating a series of mixed media prints possibly A2 or at a push A1 both sizes being out of my comfort zone but I like to be challenged?

week beginning 23rd April

What am I thinking? what have I explored so far within my project.

London Trip; Monday 23rd April visit to science museum ( will post including images and thoughts on how this didn’t directly help inform my ideas. But the book I have brought should help guide me in the direction I have decided to go down.

Over view on my research so far and discussing my project in tutorial I am thinking that drawing can be used to combine macro cells- meaning I can create a cell that has a life of its own even though it doesn’t have a purpose other than being the thing it is. This thinking came from looking at isomorphology being a game of observation, which I feel at this point would be a good thing to extend my research and understanding of. Discussing my project with Dave what I am interested in is the unseen beauty of life.

Cell structures are unseen, but they are a part of nature they hold so much beauty, the hardest thing is with the written understanding of these structures it feels wrong to say they hold beauty, when they have the potential to destroy life in certain situations. Having to look past this but communicate this also. From the discussion I could look at information and image to visually communicate this understanding. New research points I am going to look at Rina banerjee, Craig ward, Crystal Wagner.

One day workshop with Caroline king

Exploring personal project looking at words that can inform ideas and experimentation. From word to visualising through drawing. I found this challanging at first, in my head what I am looking at is complex structure and detailed cell drawings…. how can this be communicated quickly? Is it even possible for it to make sense without planning and wirking out the structure to then create the illustration? At first I would say NO WAY…..

Getting over that point was stressful but then was quickly able to create 3 idea sheets on newsprint, which I can now see link to my project.











Lace project crit 17th April 2018

My thoughts prior to the crit, I felt that my smaller sample book help more scope and visually was stronger than my actual book? Was this because I allowed myself time away from the project not looking a it for a few days allowed me to what was and potentially wasn’t working. Thinking the oval issue with my bigger book being it wasn’t reading fluidly, which impacted on my communication, having to explain why I placed certain things in certain places, made the work make sense but I learnt from this. That I need to be more critically aware with my placement asking myself questions, what does this say to m audience? is the intention clear of what I am trying to say.

Resulting in me tweaking my final outcome to be the smaller book taking elements of my old book and combining them with abstract print textures.

New project

My final project this year: Being able to write my own brief is fun and exciting, but at the same time, brings anxiety as it is all on me to make this work.

My project theme is ‘Fragments’

A small piece or a part, especially when broken from something whole”  (

Potential way I may look at this being in nature. A leaf is a final product for example, but what is it that makes the leaf? visually it is what it is as we visually connect with it. But what happens when the examination becomes more than that the veins, skeleton without these important elements it would not be. I am interested in the microscopic fragments that build what we see a nature, they have so many different components that build together creating a texture pattern within themselves. I feel this is where I want to start my research process. Which will allow me to keep going or evolve my project research quickly into a new direction at this early stage.


Reflection and realisation 24th march- 3rd April

Project: semiotics- Language of fashion….

Key point looking at the fabric of lace. This was a challenging project for me am glad to say I have an outcome. Challenges within this project had become overwhelming. But stepping back and working out what I am actually interested in being the fabric and texture of lace. The fact depending on colour and context it is will  give a completely different meaning. My final book I am unsure weather it is strong enough to connect with my thoughts along side this creating a sample book of which I feel has more scope. Photos to follow