Weekly Poster submission

Every week as part of our professional practice lectures we are asked to submit a poster for this. I am going to weekly add a new poster to this post of my submission to this.

poster10thoctober1I literally left this until a few hours before the cut off point being Tuesdays at 4.pm. I am hoping as the weeks go on I can start to make more of a connection with who is speaking and improve on what I can produce for these.









IonegambleLooking at Poster Zine the publication, I wanted to create something that could represent fashion culture and feminism but in a non literal sense. using colour and tone to create the image. Exploring bitmap and halftone techniques. Its not perfect but still had fun exploring combining these digital processes.







alice-isaacMy time management is kind of going a bit mad. Also wasn’t 100% sure that it would be Alice Isaac who would be coming in to do the talk. One thing that really stuck with me she is my age and has only started doing what she loves maybe there is hope for me yet.








sinna1I thought as this lecture is going to be on Halloween using that ideas to create the poster fitted perfectly.











owen-gildersleeve-posterOwen gildersleeve works a lot with paper layering to create these really cool interesting illustrations. I thought how can I bring this into my poster. Using combination of digital techniques layering and removing elements creating the illusion of hand lettering through the use of Photoshop techniques.









posterThis weeks professional practice lecture poster submission. I looked at Hattie’s website to get an over view of her work. Some of which she has produced are effective multi layered designs. I picked one of my favourite and responded to it in the way that I work. using multi layered collage. Using photo manipulation and digital techniques.

(Hattie Newman is now coming next semester so will re-submit this then)





McfaulanddaySo this submission was not my best as I had a real lack of time which is not really an excuse but I had less than a day to produce this. I have learnt maybe its not wise to take a creative risk when time is not on your side. I decided to test out using a 3D layer which in . my head should of worked as i was was working with a 3D object trainers, But this ultimately was a disaster, losing all colour tone ended up not making sense of what i was trying to communicate. But I still submitted it even though i was not happy with this, but could reflect and see were the mistakes were held.



LucienneRobertsLast weeks professional practice lecture. I decided to look  into one of Lucienne’s projects ‘Can Graphic design save your life’ which opens up the conversation about health and design. “the widespread and often subliminal nature of graphic design in shaping our environment, our health and our sense of self”

I took one of her colour themes and this idea about health and design. Playing with the limited colour theme and layering the content of of my design on multiple layers and transparent elements. I was gutted that I missed this talk, But my poster got chosen as the winning design by Lucienne Roberts which is such a good feeling.

papercinemaThis weeks talk from paper cinema fits in with the theme of my current project which is based on a performance. I wanted to make this poster have the illusion the whole thing was made from paper, keeping it simple with 90% grayscale colour theme and using paper brushes in photoshop. Im not 100% convinced this has worked in the way in which I pictured in my head. But I have submitted it for the fact that its ok if something doesn’t quite fit how I expected it to fully work or communicate.

Owen gildersleeve

This week our having Own gildersleeve an illustrator who has a really interesting way of working. The quote below from his website http://owengildersleeve.com/about

“Owen Gildersleeve is an Award Winning Artist Based in London Specialising in Handcrafted Illustration, Set Design and Art Direction.”

I picked three of my Favourite images. He has worked with a broad rang of brands of which some for me must have been really exciting to work with. He has a really fresh approach to illustration combining layers collaged elements of paper to build his work. I am really interested in how he pulls this all together in some of his work creates these multi layered mixed media composition’s. This Wednesday I am looking forward to hear about his professional practice and what informs his work.

Alice bowsher

This week we had Alice bowsher talk about what informs her work and practice. Most of her work is created in black ink. I like the way she uses this also can work to an advantage if colour was going to be added digitally. Her work is effective not over complicated I like the playfulness to the way she builds the visual with her drawing process. She has good weight of line in her drawings But this is making me ask myself when is there two much? or not enough?


Something & son

When I herd we was going to have Andy Merritt from something and son coming to talk to us. I wasn’t sure what to expect. This quote from there website is a great over-view in what they do but being able to hear Andy Merritt talk with so much belief and passion in there company, allowed me to understand how important and rewarding the process can be.

“Something & Son is a collaborative and activist led collective working across art, design and architecture creating diverse work that is socially and environmentally driven 0ur work inspires the change we wish to see in the world”

The way in which as a collaborative group work on projects getting communities and everyday people involved makes me feel that its as much for them as for the community or area they are working with. When do you ever hear of an artist or collaborative then handing over the ownership and running of the project to the people? within Andy’s talk his work is constantly evolving into bigger things, some of these being a re-invention of what they have done before, but this just shows there doesn’t have to be just a final outcome for any project. Can help to inform your next project or allow growth looking or working from a different perspective.

Farm:Shop | Hackney Council



Car park| London Festival of Architecture


Sinna One


This Wednesday we will be having Sinna one talking within our professional practice lecture. Just quickly looking at his website he has such a broad approch when it comes to his work and feel the three images I have picked really allow to viually see this.

This drawing really stood out to me guessing is in a sketchbook,  makes me think is this part of his working process? the fact  its visible its within this space is really nice to see more often than not when we are looking and exploring art we never get the chance to see anything but the perfect outcome. which as creative people there is so much more than that.


Even though these two images are completely different it shows the diversity within drawing use of scale and line holds the same values even if it is a big wall mural or not so big.

I am excited to see what he has to say about his working practice, even though the subject matter may not be something I can fully connect with, sometimes you actually learn more that way.

Alice Isaac


Soon as I new Alice was going to be coming to my uni, I did the normal thing  look at her work is, sounds so cliche but I instantly loved it. I don’t know if its as I also have a fashion background being a hairdresser for many years prior to studying?

I am going to approach this post slightly differently as this is post her talk. He broad knowlage of the industry defiantly fuels her to create constantly learn.


Her work is fun and exciting I have never overly seen work this way or maybe I have but hasn’t captured my attention as much. Her use of collage layers creating a still static outcome, but then being able to transform this into moving image. The way she produces these ideas and concepts are pulled together in ways for me I wouldn’t ever think of. I think this gives  her work a real quirky edge.


Alice Isaac Fabritzio viti 6

Ione Gamble


“Founding editor-in-chief of Polyester zine, I commission, produce, and oversee all content under Polyester print and online, including partnerships and collaborations.

With a focus on feminism, arts and culture and fashion; I also regularly freelance for both print and online publications, including Vice, Noisey, Huck Magazine Dazed, Crack Magazine, Bustle, Riposte, and more.”

So this weeks professional practice lecture I am feeling excited about hearing her experience and how she got to work with certain publications I am  always looking at, especially I-D and Dazed of which I always buy.

looking at polyester online, I am drawn to this http://polyesterzine.com/not-yours/

The way in which its layered out and is forced on the artists imagery to tell the story. I am really interested in how the artist has created her designs and feel that Polyester has got something really special hear as in my experience more often than not imagery and illustration is not like this. I feel that polyester has this edge allowing something a bit different the fact its all about feminist, fashion and culture allows it to stand out from the crowd as a non conformist publication this is defiantly a positive and one to explore.

Not Yours

“Not Yours is an interpretation of femininity and the unattainable ideals imposed upon women. Using the untraditional medium of 3D, my images aim to scrutinise the role of the internet and its desire to be aesthetically perfect. Through whimsical colour and texture, Bambi moulds glamorous dreamscapes and scenarios.”

3D art: Bambi Kirschner

Janne Iivonen

Pre; lecture Exploring an over view on Janne’s working process can I make any connections before this weeks lecture? does anything stand out or make me want to know more about Jannes professional practice.


“Janne is an award winning Finnish freelance illustrator currently based in Brighton, UK.His work is characterised by dynamic compositions, vibrant colour schemes and precise & clear line-work in the tradition of ligne claire”

Just reading his bio I feel he has a broad range of work just looking at his clients he has worked with some of which for me personally sounds so exciting. Its telling me the world of illustration can dip into so many potentials when it comes to commission’s and working with clients.

Esquire x Tiffany & Co.

esquire-x-tiffanyandco-map.jpg His work has a simplicity to it. But at the same time the visual aspect is to the point, with his simple use of line colour. The compositions allows the viewer to instantly navigate his communication. esquire-x-tiffanyandco-smithandmills.jpg









From looking at his portfolio http://janneiivonen.net/

I am getting the feel he works a lot digitally and defiantly composition and use of colour blocking. I wonder how or were does he start with his creative process does he jump straight in with digital process or digital sketchbook? Does he work everything out visually in an analogue way?