Texture for me can be hidden in so many different places situations. Within every aspect of clothing we were, they may or may not be seen as a literal texture. Within the aspect of fashion. I prominently am looking for quality….. what does the fabric feel like? is it soft? or rough feeling? what ever texture we have on can visually be making a statement to an emotion or situation we may be in…….

Image result for distressed denim with sequins

These two photos had sparked my interest with looking at fashion for texture. Having been given a project starting point once “Denim”…………… allowing me to question how? why? must be a mistake I am not a fashion student….. But looking and seeing Fashion as a texture and a form of visual communication anything has the potential to transition into other areas for investigation.

Topshop Jackets & Blazers - Topshop Moto Graffiti Denim Jacket