Folds of Fabric

Exploring how I can play with digital drawing and photography out of the context that it fits, exploring how I can create this fabric feel, but still allowing the original to hold the information but but placing it into folds of fabric does it become something else? could it transition to another way of working? does it give it potential to physically be printed onto fabric or textile? these are the questions I am asking myself, while I am playing with this idea?

These are my starting points purely through the process of play in Photoshop I am learning new things: these are what prompted me to explore this and find quicker more effective ways of placing work into folds of fabric.

I found it became inconsistent and frustrating with the above to push this further understanding and research. The images below being far from perfect but feel they could be the start of something maybe?

Using photography and drawing as a layer and taking actual fabric samples scanned or photographed as a separate layer, I feel has taken a step forward from were I originally was a week ago.

Fabric under the microscope

Exploring the potential or should I say endless visuals and different life looking at everyday fabrics bring under a microscope. I am finding this an exciting process exploring from lace to my socks. Creating something unrecognizable from fabrics that are worn daily. Building up a library of texture that could be used to collage or implemented within my working processes.


making texture

Exploring texture as a building block to work over or manipulate into my current project using a range of materials

These bottom two images are my favorite damping down the paper layering gloss paint mixed with poster paint. The marks that it has left as the reaction between the two different due to the gloss being oil based and repelling the water and water based paint creating a fragmented surface to work on.

Fabric Manipulation

Can I play with the idea that textiles can come into my project? maybe or maybe not. I love the feel and texture and the quality working on these quality’s can hold over just working on paper. Could it be that I used this process then to document and create illustrations based on what I have created using fabric and texture?

Fashion and texture

Part of my on going research process is looking at fashion not always for the final garment as a whole, but the texture and way the fabric is formed together. To be able to use fabric and textiles as a building block to use as a point of reference helping me with mark making techniques or using the fabric as my tool to create my own prints from.

A morning at the Victoria and Albert museum; trip to help me with my research investigation I was focusing mainly within the Fashion/Textiles part. Like I have previously said it is not about the overall i’m interested in the way in which the fabric is constricted the small details that make up the final thing. How fabric has a language of its own making marks and a texture that can not be achieved through drawing alone.


This top print not being overly successful but does highlight the different tools used to create the marks within the designs.

print dogs.jpg Experimentation with Materials to formulate print ideas, using a combination of etching ink and block printing inks, applying the ink initially with a brayer roller, achieving a smooth consistency, overlaying with more textured effect using wire wool achieving less distinct marks.


abstract.jpg abstract1.jpg

Formulating print designs digitally, I found this process a lot less looser than how I normally work when I am thinking of print design. Abstract shapes and marks using a variety of brushes and opacity levels within adobe illustrator. I felt this process did free me up as to do this by hand I wouldn’t of let the organic structures of the shape work like that, which then for me loses the abstract feel of shape and line potentially allowing the print to become flat and not very interesting.


Texture for me can be hidden in so many different places situations. Within every aspect of clothing we were, they may or may not be seen as a literal texture. Within the aspect of fashion. I prominently am looking for quality….. what does the fabric feel like? is it soft? or rough feeling? what ever texture we have on can visually be making a statement to an emotion or situation we may be in…….

Image result for distressed denim with sequins

These two photos had sparked my interest with looking at fashion for texture. Having been given a project starting point once “Denim”…………… allowing me to question how? why? must be a mistake I am not a fashion student….. But looking and seeing Fashion as a texture and a form of visual communication anything has the potential to transition into other areas for investigation.

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