Exploring The potential

Most of the time I am working in 2D but can see my work past the bounds of this environment. What would it look like placed on something 3D how would it work on fabric a T-shirt design? I have decided this year I am hoping to play with this more placing my work into these areas using templates purely to see if it would or can work in this way. Working with Adobe creative cloud allows me access to templates and quick simple ways in which to place and test out what the potential of this could become. Placing and seeing images off a flat surface adding a new dimension of what is possible.

          Flat surface pattern 


         Christmas cards and Patterns


Multi section book- with hard cover

I always get excited when I have a book-arts induction and with them being on a Friday morning its a nice therapeutic way to end the week. This particular technique has to be the most complex one so far. But I think it is my Favourite, creating a french link stitch multi section which I am now starting to gain a lot more confidence in building the body of the book. I think the most important part of today was to get the hardbound cover right and think it was successful. The most exciting but scary aspect of his whole process was being able to emboss both positive and negative shapes within the cover of the book. If not done right can spoil the whole over the cover but lucky it went great and it just adds something a little more than i just being a hardbound book! I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in bookbinding to give it a go there is something so relaxing about it. I now try to keep my sketchbooks as ones I have made now which is nicer than buying them even though I have so many blank brought sketchbooks around my house as I never quite know what one to buy I get sucked in. So its quite nice to make your own as your 100% in control of the size paper stock finish rather than someone else determining that for you.

Coptic sewing (bookbinding)

Last week having the most relaxing morning learning a new technique when it comes to bookbinding. I feel this year I want to spend more time exploring this process, the studio is such a relaxing atmosphere always come out feeling refreshed and relaxed. This process was a bit more technical than I thought it would be. note to self make sure I have my nails shorter as this made everything  bit ore challenging learning this technique.I am going to try and hand make every sketchbook for the rest of the year starting with this one I made.

Making the set

Feelings of self doubt this morning. The curse of the ‘inner critic’ telling me I am cheating as I have used photography to quickly build elements and give that bakery feel. Group discussion with my tutors and few peers has now allowed me to put things into prospective. Why was I making myself feel this way? Its normal for me to use photography within my work how was this any different? (probably always feel this way but never voice it) It is not cheating I am now trying to tell myself its working smart and doing the job to hit the deadline!!

All that my focus needs to be is finish the last bits of making and my content is already there, to hopefully start to film by tomorrow. From our discussion the most important thing will be sound and getting the camera angles right to set the mood! which is all about being watched and feelings of Paranoia… Am going to run with it so watch this space!

Attempt to make

OK so I have got over the fact I have never made a puppet before and I have not really a clue after looking at ideas and watching you-tube videos. The answer is just run with it and wing it in a sense (most of adult life we are constantly ‘winging it’) as if I don’t the thought of doing it will kill any sense of being able to make.

20180925_084121.jpg Using blue take and paper clips trying to get an understanding of how the body structure could work. Trying to identify what materials to use. I am hoping to create a stop motion animation for this project so am thinking wire will be the main base to create the structure needing flexibly of the arms and legs to help with the illusion of movement?



So it begins I did not overly think this through proportionally it was OK until the head was attached making the whole thing top heavy not being able to stand I need to re think this.

So this is were I am at basically the whole thing being made fro wire and string to bulk out the structure and giving a more even wight distribution and it stands. But I am now 100% unsure if its the right kind of thing I was hoping to create. For now am stepping back from the puppet part get everything else ready to film. Then re-evaluate this!

Drawing with stitch

Playing with process exploring different ways drawing can be communicated, using fabric markers and stitch. Even though at times this process be time consuming. Ultimately exploration with this is an interesting way to combine drawing techniques with media that I love but often neglect using due to the time factor. Having time to explore this over the summer has been a fun exciting task to add to my skills before returning to uni on the 1st of October.


Fashion illustration

Exploring how pattern samples can then be transitioned into fabric samples. With the ultimate aim to explore these through digital process into the the world of fashion. I am finding that the more I play on this the more exciting it becomes. I guess what ever is produced is never just for one purpose. Just reliving this for me opens the world up to crossing the line of what illustration can be if that makes any sense.



Light and photography

Walking around some may say I always have my head in the clouds. Which is some what true. Looking up at the clouds and transition of light or not some much through them, the soft bouncy abstract shapes for me have the potential to work into other areas of my art practice. If it being using them as a photo or taking through a process of exploration to see what I can create using digital processes.

Exploring the combination of the above photos which visually shows a stark contrast between blue sky’s and early evening cloud cover, Laying and experimenting with different digital techniques.

Simply  altering the RGB values and playing with different levels of opacity and layer order. Creating the illusion of a completely different sky scene through just play alone. Which is an important part of my practice at present I find it hard to work in a playful non controlled way but allowing myself the freedom to just go with it seems to be lifting the feeling of work always being so forced and achieving not very much, keeping mind just because I am an illustrator does not limit me to just have to be constantly be drawing.

3D printing pen

My new Toy 3D printing pen. As you can see from the photo I am not very good with this as yet. But its a fun exciting thing to have my hands on. I just need to master the art of a steady hand when using it (which is not even possible when drawing normally at times) I guess with it not being seamless some may say it adds character.

Trying to find an understanding of effective ways to bring my 2D illustration to life I stumbled across. Rachel Goldsmith who must have the patience of a saint, her work with this tool is like no other I have seen.



Rachel Goldsmith's Masterpiece

Looking at this makes me instantly think of cell structures which as my current project is centered around this theme. The way in which she has layered each strand of plastic fused together into this other world feeling 3D structure. Visually I am seeing a fragility within this complex design.


I would highly recommend reading the article on Goldsmiths working process, a quote from her within this article sums it up for me. I think If I can continue to play with my new toy anything is possible.

“When I begin most pieces, I do not have a final product in mind; rather the work grows and transforms,” Goldsmith tells us. “I visualize my process like a staircase: I work (in a flow state) during the vertical (2-8 hours), and then I react on the horizontal, I take time to look at the work and make decisions about what’s next (as long as several weeks, but with this piece each horizontal has been about 24-48 hours). I love how the material can be so solid in some places and can also be pulled into a fragile string-like form – it is a contrast as bold as that between black and white.”

Acrylic pouring

If it wasn’t for my current project looking at fragments and cell structures I don’t think I would have come across this interesting process of basically paint pouring. An example of the outcome that could be achieved.


Overwhelmed (SOLD)Spring FreshLazy Summer Days

Maria brooks has a brilliant collection of works she has done using this method these are my favorite, with the contrast of colours and feel of complexity within each one takes me to another world.

This process is not as simple as pouring paint, from what I have read and watched i’m thinking its the reaction of paint with the pouring medium, I have had a failed test attempt myself using 50% water and 50% glue I am thinking is it the constancy of the acrylic to this that is creating these cell like structures? I think this process will all be about trial and error until a clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t is achieved.