Abstract in the sky

Thought spring was upon us. Blue sky’s, interesting cloud formations. I am not quite sure what my interest is photographing the clouds. To me its like an abstract painting from nature. The marks the layers maybe its to do with the freedom of this natural process of art that would never be judged or critiqued, just a thought. I think would make an interesting project at some point to really play on this idea of art in the sky.


Photography in the snow

A few weeks ago we was hit by the beast from the east; not very often we get that amount of snow. I was really interested in the formations which were once water became a mass of ice. It was that cold even the water in the drains froze. The more I zoomed my camera in, I found that there was such an interesting texture formation within. It could be a source of material I could use as collage or even as a texture for other work.

The uni water fountain this is something I had never seen before water still running but freezing as it hits back down. Looking like ice hills or even a stream were some is frozen but some is running free. Then a few days later you would never have known this had happened. Guess that is the madness of British weather.



Caboodle Magazine submission

Caboodle is a submission based magazine published by Studio245 in association with The Gemini Print Group and sponsored by Antalis and Kodak. This is an intentionally open request for submissions, but along the theme of ‘collections’.
This can be collections of objects, thoughts, ideas or any other interpretation. Submissions in JPEG format, maximum size of 210mm x 210mm.

Thinking about this submission:  What work have I already got that will allow me to develop and refine for this submission? Im thinking working smarter not harder in this case! I have got a vast variation of work under the theme collections that I have made over the last year or so.

collection jewellryUsing two photographs from my own personal jewellery collection, from project: book of jewellery: I wanted to create the illusion of depth and consumption, without over working and over complicating this process.

1st layer being as it was.

2nd layer inverting the colour.

I feel that it has given an interesting take on the work collection, if the size of the the submission was bigger I would have liked to see this on a large scale format by doing this would is have changed, the visual meaning? or given more visual impact to the viewer.


Playing with New camera

Finally Sunday 14th Jan 2018, it maybe freezing but was able to get out and about to play with my new toy!! Canon EOS 1300D. No particular theme to my photos just a brisk walk in the park exploring different settings and variations with the lens.

Capturing texture from trees, to trying to photograph squirrels, in which was a challange, I don’t know how wildlife photographers do it, all in all a successful day. I think the best part being is uploading my work and not having to then re work any of my photos in camera raw.



Cold dark bonfire night, I am always nervous around fire but there is something about the smell of a bonfire and everything that once was becomes nothing. Keeping well back to keep myself grounded. zooming in there was something interesting about that chair, what I haven’t worked that out as yet but that’s OK.