Play with photography

I find that as my confidence is growing with exploring photography and digital software, I play a lot with manipulation to original photos taking them into a different world. A photo to me is no longer just a static object stuck in the moment transitioning, into an art form. I feel now I have got over that illustration can be anything not just drawing which has hindered my working process at times. That photography is ultimately drawing with a camera and the outcomes are endless. For me its trusting your own instinct and playing with the ideas, photo manipulation is ultimately collage with imagery in the same way that I would make a mixed media outcome in a totally analogue way.

The sky at night


Documenting how the transition of cloud movement exposes the brightness of the moon. The interesting textures that naturally form from this process. My own opinion the moon is creating these natural textured cloud formations which is all down to the weight of the clouds. I believe inspiration comes from everywhere, am learning that the biggest inspiration or even influence can be as simple as natural events of which we can not control but take and expand on within our own creative practice.


Light and photography

Walking around some may say I always have my head in the clouds. Which is some what true. Looking up at the clouds and transition of light or not some much through them, the soft bouncy abstract shapes for me have the potential to work into other areas of my art practice. If it being using them as a photo or taking through a process of exploration to see what I can create using digital processes.

Exploring the combination of the above photos which visually shows a stark contrast between blue sky’s and early evening cloud cover, Laying and experimenting with different digital techniques.

Simply  altering the RGB values and playing with different levels of opacity and layer order. Creating the illusion of a completely different sky scene through just play alone. Which is an important part of my practice at present I find it hard to work in a playful non controlled way but allowing myself the freedom to just go with it seems to be lifting the feeling of work always being so forced and achieving not very much, keeping mind just because I am an illustrator does not limit me to just have to be constantly be drawing.

learning new techinques

Once again I am brushing up on my digital skills, when it comes to digital play using photography and photo glitch. This process is so much fun to explore, creating a whole different feel to the original. I’m enjoying this as the original photo I have taken can still remain as it first was and by playing with this totally changing the colour tones etc without the fear of losing the quality by altering colour tones which I don’t feel I could achieve to this effect if was to do this all manually without causing to many colour pixels which in its self can lose the quality of the outcome.

out and about photos

Is summer really hear? As much as I hate birds black birds and crows to be frank. Yesterday they would not leave us alone wanted to enjoy the sun to The top two photos this bird was perched within arms reach of me didn’t seem phased by anything and seemed to like the camera.

Its not often these days I see baby ducks, I could of watched for hours trying to avoid the current and remain on the green areas of algae on the wandle in colliers wood. I should of really filmed it at the time was so sweet


Layering the same photo using various techniques to adapt each section of the image. Each layer has gone through its own process including, blur techniques/ opacity changes/ colour levels/ inverting. Every layer having its own way its worked then brought together as a whole.


bridge london

Repetition, movement and placement duplication of image- altering colour levels, creating light and dark tones.


Abstract in the sky

Thought spring was upon us. Blue sky’s, interesting cloud formations. I am not quite sure what my interest is photographing the clouds. To me its like an abstract painting from nature. The marks the layers maybe its to do with the freedom of this natural process of art that would never be judged or critiqued, just a thought. I think would make an interesting project at some point to really play on this idea of art in the sky.


Photography in the snow

A few weeks ago we was hit by the beast from the east; not very often we get that amount of snow. I was really interested in the formations which were once water became a mass of ice. It was that cold even the water in the drains froze. The more I zoomed my camera in, I found that there was such an interesting texture formation within. It could be a source of material I could use as collage or even as a texture for other work.

The uni water fountain this is something I had never seen before water still running but freezing as it hits back down. Looking like ice hills or even a stream were some is frozen but some is running free. Then a few days later you would never have known this had happened. Guess that is the madness of British weather.