Digital Pattern

This is a process I always come back to, playing with pattern and repetition. I love to crop out an element of a photograph I have taken and explore the potential it may to create something new.  The question I am always asking myself how does it change the communication? Does this differ if it’s a cropped section of an image or when using the whole image as a pattern.

              Photo manipulation

Another way I explore this process is through digital drawing using broad range of brushes in photoshop. This is more visual play sometimes it works and sometimes not. Using symmetry tools within photoshops allows a pattern to form quickly or gives an instant starting point to an idea. Exploring the vast range of brushes adobe has to offer allows me freedom to work without overthinking it which can often hinder my process when working analogue.                                                                   



Exploring photography through pattern and repetition. Placing my photographs into a different context with the potential to take into print design, textiles and surface design. Repetition of a single image takes it into a life of its own. by simply flipping horizontally  and vertically to connect and repeat.



Crystal wagner

I am always looking for new inspiration regarding print. One of my most favorite processes to experiment with and always looking for artist inspiration to help inform my own ideas.  I am drawn to Wagner’s print with her use of layered colour and the element of transparency with her process creating such a visual interest for me the more this print is studied the more it is unraveling the experience and connection within this.

Geometric patterns

Wood carvings seamless geometric patterns: Interesting way  pattern can be presented through repetition and shape. I can see these in some of the trends we have now with in textile print and even in wallpaper design. I think with everything it can be traced so far back but consistently being re- invented, but with modern day ‘trends’ is seen as something new but really nothing we do is new always goes back to something that has been done before.


Playing with block printing ink

Looking a lace through printing process rather than trying to recreate this through drawing. I feel I wouldn’t get the same quality if I was to do this with drawing alone. These tests and experiments I have made relief prints of underwear at this stage the print quality I have achieved is not the quality I am looking for. With discussions with my tutors for this to work I need a really clean crisp print. Further development with this I am now making collagraph prints which with the use of an etching press will help me to achieve this.




Composition project different take

With some of my images from my 3 books I had previously made for composition part one project. Looking and playing with manipulation, how quickly one outcome could fit into so many different areas of work, with the original outcome transitioning into different areas of creative practice, the combinations of manipulation can be endless. A big area of my own personal interest is illustrative print design, with the mirror lab app allows me to explore and experiment quickly and effectively with out the time consuming aspect, if I was to just go down the  normal route using adobe Photoshop and adobe illustrator, it can be tedious and take a lot longer than getting a quick understanding of how and what could work.