What is animation

Learning the principle of animation in the studio;

  • Time/ Increment
  • Squash/ Stretch
  • Sequence
  • Expression
  • Holding position boil and breathing, loops, giffs, automata

we had a one day workshop exploring how moving image is formed how to create simple animations using analogue techniques as well as digital techniques. I get a bit nervous of the thought of this process as it looks so complex but ultimately its not. Its just creating a still image in a sense but building it up into a sequence what ever this maybe, understanding the reason for the movement and the world can do anything.

simpleĀ  quick tests I played with in the workshop one using photography and the other using drawing.

Animated GIF-downsized (1).gif

We was also asked to make a ball move which once I grasped it was quite fun and quick, by being able to do this simple task is one of the the most simplest ways to match the theory with the visual.

Editing and Re-editing

The stress is real So I have spent time scaling up my Bakery which wasn’t as straight forward as it could have been everything had to be adjusted or made bigger as the composition it looked wrong if I didn’t alter everything.


As you can see its much more of a polished set compared to my previous one. Do I prefer this? No I feel like it has lost character. Even though the original set the scale and composition was all wrong, that roughness to it I think added to the character of the video and it fitted with what I was communicating.


This second edit has held the constancy of light whist I photographed over tow days as the same kind of time, allowing the photos to flow and hold the sequence better.


I had to upload this to YouTube I am not sure if this was because I ended up doing all of this in premier pro (which I am still learning) There is still room for so much more improvement, think its all about practice and fully understanding the software. But for the timescale I had to re-edit the whole thing, I would still be tearing my hair out and not have a thing to show!

Making the set

Feelings of self doubt this morning. The curse of the ‘inner critic’ telling me I am cheating as I have used photography to quickly build elements and give that bakery feel. Group discussion with my tutors and few peers has now allowed me to put things into prospective. Why was I making myself feel this way? Its normal for me to use photography within my work how was this any different? (probably always feel this way but never voice it) It is not cheating I am now trying to tell myself its working smart and doing the job to hit the deadline!!

All that my focus needs to be is finish the last bits of making and my content is already there, to hopefully start to film by tomorrow. From our discussion the most important thing will be sound and getting the camera angles right to set the mood! which is all about being watched and feelings of Paranoia… Am going to run with it so watch this space!

Moving Image

Playing with simple moving image. Looking at sequence and how this can be represented through simple GIF’s. playing with photography and pattern. This visual play is aimed a me getting a better understanding of how moving image can work. Linking to what my first semester ‘sequential design’ will be at the start of uni.