Glue gun and crayon

This is something I have wanted to try for ages. Old glue gun plus children’s colouring crayons, my thinking behind this is to draw with it as it melts the wax through using it in the same way as I would if was glue? I didn’t expected to be such a messy process was it easy NOT at all, does it have potential? Yes I really think it could have an interesting input in to a mixed media outcome.

As above I have taken these and worked back into them the wax being used to make up parts of the cell structure which I feel adds an element of depth to the drawings

Water colour and hot glue

Exploring how can I combine different medias as I love mixing things up even though it maybe a disaster or in regards to ‘traditional’ practice wouldn’t or shouldn’t work. I am that person who will try it anyway. How can I create this abstract cell structure with using abstract color and hot glue?

exploring creating prints with watercolour paint.  From this using glue gun to draw with?

Using the glue to create structure on two different surfaces Can the one on paper be worked back into by hand? The surface on the left is residue of paint left on bin liner adding the hot glue instantly makes the product flexible could I build on this to create a cell structure that is 3D?