Fashion illustration

Exploring how pattern samples can then be transitioned into fabric samples. With the ultimate aim to explore these through digital process into the the world of fashion. I am finding that the more I play on this the more exciting it becomes. I guess what ever is produced is never just for one purpose. Just reliving this for me opens the world up to crossing the line of what illustration can be if that makes any sense.




Trying to find a way that I can use this USB microscope effectively without to much noise left in the photo which is not the easiest thing to remove. I have explored trying to contain the light by blocking it out, making it more direct onto what I am trying to look at which is really hit and miss. The title of this post is an app which is designed to be used with a USB connection.

The photos above using this new app, the images are not perfect but as I have no control on the settings I cant alter the resolution in which the image is taken, but feel have more control the images are photographing much brighter and clearer, than what is below which is used through the computers camera, being very muted and visually not that clear, even taking them thorough a digital process is not always successful. I think its important to see the difference and trial ways of which i can use this tool until something clicks and that will be the way its used. On the other hand nothing in my eyes is ever wasted it may not be for now but can sit in a box for a rainy day I guess.

Seeing into the flower

So I am a super nerd about my new toy. Keep thinking to myself ‘what would this look like microscopically’ it is so annoying but at the same time the way in which I work if it comes into my head I have to just try it (think this stems back from collage days my tutor saying it to me but then the tables turned and I was saying it to him lol)

So what does a flower or leaf look like how far can I get into the microscopic world with the limitations of a real basic microscope.

These being tiny leafs and flower buds visually to look at intially

The formation and structure that makes up the leaf , different patterns that are barely visible to study normally.

The hidden elements of pollen within the flower of a buttercup


How far can I see into the structure of a daisy its quite funny how hairy flowers actually can be on the stems

Experimentation ideas

How do you create a cell structure without the availability of microscope and camera or having to rely on drawing alone?

using different medias to give the illusion of texture contained within cells. Exploring abstract mark making using ink/ paint water and bubbles.

Can I refine this down to build on his process overlying drawing or even work my elements singly but merging them together through digital process? I am also thinking I want to explore using textiles to create a structure document photograph to then work back into by creating prints with?






One day workshop with Caroline king

Exploring personal project looking at words that can inform ideas and experimentation. From word to visualising through drawing. I found this challanging at first, in my head what I am looking at is complex structure and detailed cell drawings…. how can this be communicated quickly? Is it even possible for it to make sense without planning and wirking out the structure to then create the illustration? At first I would say NO WAY…..

Getting over that point was stressful but then was quickly able to create 3 idea sheets on newsprint, which I can now see link to my project.











Photography experiment

Exploring the the way that light plays an important role in photography. On one of my many train journeys back from uni. I was looking at the reflection the light created against the train window placing what was inside outside.

You can just make out the tissue on the tracks which was actually opposite me on the table. Placing the stills into a short animation was a fun way to document this research process.




Still pushing my investigation and playing with the idea of editorial layout and collage. Exploring the potential of this process, using different elements, layering ideas in Photoshop. Trying to document each stage both positive and negative outcomes.

screenshot 1Screenshot development, helping me to get a general overview of what is working well or not before I have to make the decision to push it further or leave it as it is.

I wanted to work some of my photos I recently took in a collage effect way of building these layouts. Working with the theme nature and winter. I feel that maybe the way for this to become more visually effective is less is more and not over complicate the layout, i need to bear in mind how I want this to be navigated visually.


glitterNew lead of investigation, I scanned in my drawing. I am trying to workout how I can get that glittery shimmer effect when, editing my illustration digitally. As you can see the resolution is all wrong within this. Discussing this with my tutors to get that effect on the computer is not easy, allowing me the freedom to play see what could work or what doesn’t. Who doesn’t like paying with glitter.

My investigation is beginning photographing glitter, I am thinking good light setting on my camera may give the reflection and effect I am looking for. I am also thinking what about screen printing a block section to draw over?

Collage play;

This was a disaster but thought work over it, am thinking everything has potential to be re worked into something else. Exploring using collage/colour/mark making.

Braking the overall out come down, allows me to create multiple images to refine from just one piece of work.

20180130_191201_resizedPin pointing this section to refine.edit1 (1) By adding colour and texture using coral draw on my Galaxy note 8: Softens the visual quality. Adding pops of colour and areas of detail, merges the collage section together in a short space of time. With having the original as it is allows to work into this from different approaches.

I have been looking a Georgia Hawkins collaged drawings, I feel that to research into her  work is appropriate for were I am currently.