OP art

My productivity at the moment is not working to my own level of expectation. I feel it is time to learn something new working digitally allows more freedom at times to take it to far even. I am learning how I can use pattern and  areas of Photoshop I may have not used in the most effective way and just have fun with it. Optical illusion’s I never once felt would be an area I could or would even want to explore even a few months ago.

using online tutorials on you-tube as a starting point creating two images below.

From getting a basic understanding from these, using some of the techniques in the tutorials, it opens up a world of digital play. Even transforming an object into something that its not  but ultimately still remains the object it originally was. Playing on the idea of deception in a sense.

Photo to print

Exploring old photography taking an element into a repetitive intricate pattern, changing the literal into print design but is still ultimately the same object. I think taking it into a different process gives a new life or potential of ways of looking.

15Starting life as a photo of a leaf! evolving into complex geometric pattern. Picking up on the total values of the original photo allowing contrasting shapes and patterns, by keeping the organic nature of the plant itself which is not a flat structured surface to start with.






18.jpgGeometric pattern contrasting colours between yellow and purple amongst the bed of greenery


The main struggle playing with this process everything looks perfectly lined up but the more I look at the work I am seeing miss placed formation. This is an area I need to look at more closely and refine my process and work from to create perfect formation within this work.


Layering to the extreme digitally, allows me to see elements of this that work at the same time as areas are instantly over worked. which quickly informs me how by hand without relying just on Photoshop as to me the quality is instantly lost.

cell 3


Playing with layers, filters and alterations to colour balance still looking at cell structures in an abstract way. Even though I am not keen to rely on Photoshop for this particular project. Its a useful process to play with, to explore placement and layering. Which for me can be challenging to dive straight in by hand and not create any mistakes.

The image to the right I am liking the limited colour palette and areas of transparency within areas of this.

Photoshop Cell experment

With my current project I am still at the experimentation stage trying to work out what could work effectively to take forward and refine to the the next stage of development.


Using my knowledge of Photoshop (and not so much) playing with different filters and techniques that can give the illusion of a cell structure. I feel if I give this more time, maybe scanning in some of my experiments and overlaying some of this could give me an interesting take on this? I am also thinking what about if I test working in 3D work space within Photoshop?