Abstract drawing

First Drawing of the new year. Experimenting with gradient colours, overlaying and distorting shapes. I want to make sometime this year or include elements into my projects. Using the Idea of communication in a non literal way. This digital drawing below I was just literally playing around with colour and shape through playing with process I feel that it has started to form this idea of leaves and flowers, I still want to work through and refine this drawing more. This could become a thing I run alongside projects without it feeling pressured.


Creating a mood

I’m playing with ideas digitally, using found images. Rather than just focusing on just the drawing or single image. Exploring the idea of creating a mood or atmosphere within one image. I think my recent zine and conversation with on of my tutors has made me want to play on this idea and explore that potential. I am trying to think of them as a double page spread like in a zine or book.

As Halloween has just past I wanted to look at this a starting point to explore ideas and how I can create this three dimensional environment rather than a series of static imagery.



The abandoned room: dolls



Butterfly room



Fashion illustration

Exploring how pattern samples can then be transitioned into fabric samples. With the ultimate aim to explore these through digital process into the the world of fashion. I am finding that the more I play on this the more exciting it becomes. I guess what ever is produced is never just for one purpose. Just reliving this for me opens the world up to crossing the line of what illustration can be if that makes any sense.



Light and photography

Walking around some may say I always have my head in the clouds. Which is some what true. Looking up at the clouds and transition of light or not some much through them, the soft bouncy abstract shapes for me have the potential to work into other areas of my art practice. If it being using them as a photo or taking through a process of exploration to see what I can create using digital processes.

Exploring the combination of the above photos which visually shows a stark contrast between blue sky’s and early evening cloud cover, Laying and experimenting with different digital techniques.

Simply  altering the RGB values and playing with different levels of opacity and layer order. Creating the illusion of a completely different sky scene through just play alone. Which is an important part of my practice at present I find it hard to work in a playful non controlled way but allowing myself the freedom to just go with it seems to be lifting the feeling of work always being so forced and achieving not very much, keeping mind just because I am an illustrator does not limit me to just have to be constantly be drawing.

learning new techinques

Once again I am brushing up on my digital skills, when it comes to digital play using photography and photo glitch. This process is so much fun to explore, creating a whole different feel to the original. I’m enjoying this as the original photo I have taken can still remain as it first was and by playing with this totally changing the colour tones etc without the fear of losing the quality by altering colour tones which I don’t feel I could achieve to this effect if was to do this all manually without causing to many colour pixels which in its self can lose the quality of the outcome.

Folds of Fabric

Exploring how I can play with digital drawing and photography out of the context that it fits, exploring how I can create this fabric feel, but still allowing the original to hold the information but but placing it into folds of fabric does it become something else? could it transition to another way of working? does it give it potential to physically be printed onto fabric or textile? these are the questions I am asking myself, while I am playing with this idea?

These are my starting points purely through the process of play in Photoshop I am learning new things: these are what prompted me to explore this and find quicker more effective ways of placing work into folds of fabric.

I found it became inconsistent and frustrating with the above to push this further understanding and research. The images below being far from perfect but feel they could be the start of something maybe?

Using photography and drawing as a layer and taking actual fabric samples scanned or photographed as a separate layer, I feel has taken a step forward from were I originally was a week ago.