Crystal Wagner

Exploring mixed media artist Crystal Wagner’s installations.

Even though her work scale wise is so much more than I could ever feel OK to work to. I am interested in this organic structure she is creating and feel I can make a connection quite quickly to my current project ‘fragments’ and looking at cell structures. The way in which her installations flow through the gallery space fluidly for me helps to enhance the organic nature to this installation.


This has to be one of my favorite and defiantly allows me to think that , the use of materials and mixing them up has the potential to be endless. My thinking being if I think it just try it.

Rogan Brown

In my exploration and investigations, as part of my research process I am looking at different ways in which people communicate, the idea of fragments/macro and microscopically without the use of a microscope and camera. Crossing that boundaries even more between  science and art.

Rogan Brown, I had never come across his work until now! I could sit and study his complex paper structures of cells for hours. visually for me the connection being shapes within shapes. How every cut in the paper is scientifically thought out, to create this impressive structures which you wouldn’t see with the naked eye. Looking at these it makes me think of fragility, repetition, positive and negative space.

By looking at browns work alone has opened me up to the potential of what could be achieved within my own work and personal project ‘fragments’

Textile artists

Exploring Artists that use fabric within there practice. Using fabric as the object or to print from I find brings a quality that is not always possible when done digitally or by hand.

​Louise Baldwin

the way in which Baldwin uses stitch to draw with and the creation of line to communicate visually adds something else to a textile collage. I feel the contrast between the two shows

a diverse way of working. The one on the left feels more structured and there is more form to it. The one on the right being a loser way of working I like the way in which she layers the fabric not limiting herself to one type there is a continuous flow to this. The more I look at these the more i feel it revels its self, think that is what makes her work most interesting. Think she sums her work up her work perfectly “Connections are made between the most seemingly random things, cell structures, pattern, text and mark. “


Sandra Meech

“Revisiting some print techniques, including collagraphs and monoprints with added marks, has been an exciting development ”

I picked these images as they are both similar but both so different. I am interested in the way Meech is using different print techniques to create her outcomes, Visually looks like she is using parts of different print elements of photography layering these to create these quite powerful dynamic outcomes. I like the use of  her monoprints that seem to run continuously through her work but have both a powerful and subtle impact.




joana vasconcelos 

Vasconcelos is a mixed media artist, she works a lot with texture and textiles which is the point of interest for me. I have pin pointed these, as I can see a connection to what i am currently looking at within my project Language of fashion. She has given a new dimension to crochet, when you initially think of this process being old women crocheting squares for blankets etc. In my opinion she has changed the context in which this process sits. The intricate design and patterns. Visually I feel it looks like lace or that she could have used needle point lace to crate this, I wouldn’t directly state crochet. What would happen if this process was taken into another process how would it work as a relief print or collagraph print, I think for myself would be interesting to explore.

Image result for joana vasconcelos laceRelated image


Her visual representation of Darth Vader from star wars: when I think of him in the film being not so nice in a gloss black metal suit, nothing within that context has any warmth to the character. But the way in which Vasconcelos has used crochet to visually represent him has taken that stark darkness of the character. It through up different words for me, softens the feel looking at this and an element of venerability is this due to the space between the make up of her piece and the construction was used to expose to say underneath we are all the same?


Michael Landy

Link to article above: Michael Landy his brake-down project, is insane but amazing and so courageous at the same time. Every part of the project has been thought through so well. I have been drawn to this project in particular in regards to how Landy documents every single item in an inventory before there is nothing left.

From reading this and other articles on this project what do I think the meaning could be for me quick bullet point list.

  • New beginings
  • New life
  • New path
  • Could it be the end of the road
  • So the un-making is still making
  • Is the un- making still destroying?
  • Is it re- making?
  • Wiping the slate clean
  • Finding closure

Michael Landy’s (lifestyle) household contents


An image of Michael Landy's (lifestyle) household contents by Michael Landy


Michael Craig Martin

Looking at Craig Martins work and how he paints objects, his use of colour, scale and placement.

Innocence and Experience (fan)Now and Then

I like the simplistic nature of his drawings but they hold a complexity at the same time when he is combining objects and layering them through his painting. The colour and his use of line takes away the mundane from the subject matter placing it into a different context with his composition colour and line. He is an artist I always look to when i am looking at drawings of objects.

Eye of the StormBiding Time (Red)

Illustrative print design

This area of art/design that is of big importance to me. To be able to create work that can be placed into different practices, but still holding on to the fundamentals of illustration.

For me illustrative print design is the area I want to really refine for myself find my place within this, by doing so I feel it will not limit my work or be to narrow. there is the potential to transfer it into textiles, wallpaper design, surface design and many more just from one illustrative print made there are so many places it could be placed.

This area is defiantly an area of research I want to really explore and find inspiration to inform my own work:

Link to blog above dedicated to print and surface pattern. There is so much to read but instantly I have made a connection with wanting to curate my own collection of patterns and prints.

Some of my Favourite that have looked at whilst researching on hear.

April Mawhinney

Courtney Capone


Sarah Watkins

Wh Smith