Everything tells a story

There is always a story to tell! Maybe now that I have had a whole module on sequential communication the word narrative doesn’t have the same creative block hinderance it once maybe did! I think it has had a positive impact actually everything has a story to tell, the way it is presented can more or less take any form of creative practice.


Historical architecture has just as much value in storytelling as modern day contemporary practices. I am now thinking in someways do they hold more value? how long must they have taken to make and carve, The limitations they had in tools and technology. Its a thought I guess, the two pillars below they are not small and completely intact but every part has a historical story or meaning attached, with such detail of a drawing of which it is but just in a different context. I think this module has helped me embrace my fears when it comes to narrative based work. Personally for me it would take form in more sequence based moving image photography or pattern. I still need to embrace the narrative with text but one thing at a time I guess.


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