Transparent jellyfish

Bringing my jellyfish to life testing how they could work against light and moving image. I had got to a point which I felt my design process was blind, not having much idea how or if anything was going to work how I had visualised in my head. Modelled by my tutor why I filmed. I felt a super proud moment at this point as wasn’t convinced it was going to work at all. (sound was added from free-sound at later date which is an amazing resource  ) As the light and reaction with moving image making feel like an electric current was engaging with the jellyfish.

Post performance now I have a bit more time I want to play and explore into this idea of light and composition of my jellyfish. I think when you are in the grips of such a pressured deadline, its hard to see the wood from the trees not having the time to play visually or overly experiment. For me it became about perfecting the idea of how I wanted my input to be seen and visualised. I have converted this video into a set of stills but hasn’t worked how I had expected it to, for now that idea will be put to one side.

The physical self of the jellyfish. I played around with scale and different materials for the tentacles a lot but iridescent cellophane seemed to come up a constant winner for me, allowing so much colour with the reaction to light without using colour and over complicating the whole process.


Can I still achieve this same feel to my work photographing and taking into a digital process? will it still make sense? the one to the left I feel holds more belief of what my communication has been about. But the white and black with colour have lost that sense of clarity of jellyfish they have lost a sense of the true nature of communication and have become too much of a digital print idea. It’s not until you try and are able to test and reject. I find that I would rather put in extra work to just say “what was I thinking” clearing up any what ifs in my chaotic brain space.


But working with good light and composition, allowing the structure to work as an object within its own right with minimal editing digitally, they take on a new world and a new life that could be more than the jellyfish they once were?






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