Moving image and sound

This was challenging to be restrictive in the amount of content I decided to use for this blog post each video opening up this new way of seeing moving image and sound, but not how we know it think this is what makes it all so much more special than how we would see or produce this in our era with the technological advances. But are we now to reliant? (even though I do produce a lot of my work reliant on modern day technology)

It was my tours that introduced Len lyes work to me showing me how moving image colour and sound can work in harmony and take something that extra mile…

Then I got sucked into looking more into 1920’s-1960’s moving image and sound there is something really amazing about all of these they flow seamlessly and considering none of these were made with anything like what we have, it would have been film drawing on film cutting it up and working I would have thought a long process to achieve some of these. They all hold these hand made like qualities which I no for me is something i am always trying to add back into my work even if none of it is done by hand.

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