Lucienne Roberts

The Ideal Client

Lucienne Roberts

It’s Nice That worked with Represent Recruitment to explore what makes for a healthy, productive and enjoyable designer-client relationship. We interviewed a range of creatives about what factors they felt were the most important when considering this all-important rapport, to get a sense of what makes The Ideal Client…

Graphic designer Lucienne Roberts has a wealth of experience working across print, identity, exhibition and digital design. Her she talks about her experience with clients of all shapes and sizes, and shares some of the lessons she’s learned along the way.

The way in which design and type is used in her work is clean fresh and exciting. At the same time focuses on meaningful campaigns. What I find really interesting and exciting about the type of work that she is creating thew communication is sometimes indirect, subliminal messages which is really effectively used. This is something I am really interested  in, over the last two years I have looked into this way of design and advertising even if its positively or negatively used. This is an area i want to write my dissertation on in my final year of uni.

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