Project reflection making the invisible visible

When you ran with the same concept throughout a project. Which is a process I am now starting to be able to hold on to more often than not now and push that one idea into different directions but always comes back to that one Idea and going off on to much of a different direction I end up producing so much work that doesn’t fit with what I am trying to communicate more times than not creating to much work that can potentially be a completely different project in its own right.

The hardest thing for me with this project was the HP reveal not liking my trigger images no matter what I tried to tweak them, in the moments I got them working using the app in real time and space again not having any luck in that department my animations didn’t work or would get stuck. I still am at a point that no matter what I try I cant seem to get any consistency from the software. I think I am going to now say I have reached a point in this project that For it to communicate well I will have to take a different approach and scrap the idea of hp reveal being the right thing to use. But I understand all the reasons why it doesn’t having that realisation and understanding is a good thing I guess.

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