Something & son

When I herd we was going to have Andy Merritt from something and son coming to talk to us. I wasn’t sure what to expect. This quote from there website is a great over-view in what they do but being able to hear Andy Merritt talk with so much belief and passion in there company, allowed me to understand how important and rewarding the process can be.

“Something & Son is a collaborative and activist led collective working across art, design and architecture creating diverse work that is socially and environmentally driven 0ur work inspires the change we wish to see in the world”

The way in which as a collaborative group work on projects getting communities and everyday people involved makes me feel that its as much for them as for the community or area they are working with. When do you ever hear of an artist or collaborative then handing over the ownership and running of the project to the people? within Andy’s talk his work is constantly evolving into bigger things, some of these being a re-invention of what they have done before, but this just shows there doesn’t have to be just a final outcome for any project. Can help to inform your next project or allow growth looking or working from a different perspective.

Farm:Shop | Hackney Council



Car park| London Festival of Architecture


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