Multi section book- with hard cover

I always get excited when I have a book-arts induction and with them being on a Friday morning its a nice therapeutic way to end the week. This particular technique has to be the most complex one so far. But I think it is my Favourite, creating a french link stitch multi section which I am now starting to gain a lot more confidence in building the body of the book. I think the most important part of today was to get the hardbound cover right and think it was successful. The most exciting but scary aspect of his whole process was being able to emboss both positive and negative shapes within the cover of the book. If not done right can spoil the whole over the cover but lucky it went great and it just adds something a little more than i just being a hardbound book! I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in bookbinding to give it a go there is something so relaxing about it. I now try to keep my sketchbooks as ones I have made now which is nicer than buying them even though I have so many blank brought sketchbooks around my house as I never quite know what one to buy I get sucked in. So its quite nice to make your own as your 100% in control of the size paper stock finish rather than someone else determining that for you.

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