Sinna One

This Wednesday we will be having Sinna one talking within our professional practice lecture. Just quickly looking at his website he has such a broad approch when it comes to his work and feel the three images I have picked really allow to viually see this.

This drawing really stood out to me guessing is in a sketchbook,  makes me think is this part of his working process? the fact  its visible its within this space is really nice to see more often than not when we are looking and exploring art we never get the chance to see anything but the perfect outcome. which as creative people there is so much more than that.


Even though these two images are completely different it shows the diversity within drawing use of scale and line holds the same values even if it is a big wall mural or not so big.

I am excited to see what he has to say about his working practice, even though the subject matter may not be something I can fully connect with, sometimes you actually learn more that way.

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