Ione Gamble

“Founding editor-in-chief of Polyester zine, I commission, produce, and oversee all content under Polyester print and online, including partnerships and collaborations.

With a focus on feminism, arts and culture and fashion; I also regularly freelance for both print and online publications, including Vice, Noisey, Huck Magazine Dazed, Crack Magazine, Bustle, Riposte, and more.”

So this weeks professional practice lecture I am feeling excited about hearing her experience and how she got to work with certain publications I am  always looking at, especially I-D and Dazed of which I always buy.

looking at polyester online, I am drawn to this

The way in which its layered out and is forced on the artists imagery to tell the story. I am really interested in how the artist has created her designs and feel that Polyester has got something really special hear as in my experience more often than not imagery and illustration is not like this. I feel that polyester has this edge allowing something a bit different the fact its all about feminist, fashion and culture allows it to stand out from the crowd as a non conformist publication this is defiantly a positive and one to explore.

Not Yours

“Not Yours is an interpretation of femininity and the unattainable ideals imposed upon women. Using the untraditional medium of 3D, my images aim to scrutinise the role of the internet and its desire to be aesthetically perfect. Through whimsical colour and texture, Bambi moulds glamorous dreamscapes and scenarios.”

3D art: Bambi Kirschner

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