Janne Iivonen

Pre; lecture Exploring an over view on Janne’s working process can I make any connections before this weeks lecture? does anything stand out or make me want to know more about Jannes professional practice.


“Janne is an award winning Finnish freelance illustrator currently based in Brighton, UK.His work is characterised by dynamic compositions, vibrant colour schemes and precise & clear line-work in the tradition of ligne claire”

Just reading his bio I feel he has a broad range of work just looking at his clients he has worked with some of which for me personally sounds so exciting. Its telling me the world of illustration can dip into so many potentials when it comes to commission’s and working with clients.

Esquire x Tiffany & Co.

esquire-x-tiffanyandco-map.jpg His work has a simplicity to it. But at the same time the visual aspect is to the point, with his simple use of line colour. The compositions allows the viewer to instantly navigate his communication. esquire-x-tiffanyandco-smithandmills.jpg









From looking at his portfolio http://janneiivonen.net/

I am getting the feel he works a lot digitally and defiantly composition and use of colour blocking. I wonder how or were does he start with his creative process does he jump straight in with digital process or digital sketchbook? Does he work everything out visually in an analogue way?


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