So I have spent the last few days reading this book (title of blog post) before my first day back at university which is today!

From the back cover of the book; “From John Hegarty, one of the world’s most famous advertising creatives, comes this witty pocket book filled with fifty brilliant provocative insights into creativity and the creative process”


Even though Hegarty is within the advertising industry, I would recommend this to anyone within the creative world it has helped me a lot and allowed me to question my own opinion and opened me up to looking at things differently.

Key notes I have taken from this

  • Nothing is ever original- everything that exists is re-invented, borrowed, inspired, looked at from different angle or perspective!

That being said is something I notice more so within the fashion industry, constant trends are a re invention of something else, IE; it may not be as it was in the 1960’s but the re invention can be from that with similar colour pallets or patterns used in a way you believe its a completely new thing but its always been before if that makes any sense. = fresh approach (an idea only exists in relation to another idea.)

  • Visually explain your idea to yourself!

What ever creative discipline if you do not fully understand what you are doing or communicating. This can in-fact make it harder for the viewer to be able to connect what something is about and technically can hinder the progression of a successful piece of work at times.

IDEAS COME FROM ANYWHERE AND NOWHERE- for me its important to log it even with a photo quick drawing sentence or a word. You never know when it will be needed but is always kept safe until that time comes.

“keep it simple- complex thought- reducing it down to a simple powerful message”  

How many times have we all said that to ourselves and before we no it (I am so guilty of this) the creativity goes mad to many ideas are flowing and for me am darting into so many different ideas, processes. The chaos can become to much at times. I have learnt for myself I have to get that all out before I can come back to that simple quote before I can find my voice and my own truth! Saying this I wouldn’t say the way I work is always helpful my biggest challenge is to hold onto the idea and  not let everything run away with me (defiantly when have a deadline to reach)

I am not going to go on about everything in the book but is well worth a read!

Think the main thing I have learnt is Failure is OK, its how we learn! creative block doesn’t last forever it soon comes a memory! self belief is just as important as other people like what you do!

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