Tim walker

Looking at how different creatives work can portray a narrative through the use of different media. looking at: Tim Walkers Show- Entitled Story Teller. Through his fun imaginative use of photography creating these incredible photographs. Which in my option tell a story in there own right.


“TIM WALKER – STORY TELLER – Stella Tennant in hare mask and Charles Guislain in birds of paradise crown, Howick Hall, 2010”

This photograph makes me think of Alice in wonderland, with the models head being a rabbit- takes me to that psychedelic place.









“TIM WALKER – STORY TELLER – Karlie Kloss and yellow cottage, Rye, 2010”

Is this communicating the wizard of oz? I can see elements of this film within this photograph









“TIM WALKER – STORY TELLER – Karlie Kloss and broken Humpty Dumpty, Rye, 2010″

Going back to childhood nursery rhymes for me.




“TIM WALKER – STORY TELLER – Giant doll prop”

This installation I think to see it would have been a bit scary, but fun at the same time but could imagine feeling intimated by the presence of this doll.






“TIM WALKER – STORY TELLER – Smashed Humpty Dumpty model”


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