Light and photography

Walking around some may say I always have my head in the clouds. Which is some what true. Looking up at the clouds and transition of light or not some much through them, the soft bouncy abstract shapes for me have the potential to work into other areas of my art practice. If it being using them as a photo or taking through a process of exploration to see what I can create using digital processes.

Exploring the combination of the above photos which visually shows a stark contrast between blue sky’s and early evening cloud cover, Laying and experimenting with different digital techniques.

Simply  altering the RGB values and playing with different levels of opacity and layer order. Creating the illusion of a completely different sky scene through just play alone. Which is an important part of my practice at present I find it hard to work in a playful non controlled way but allowing myself the freedom to just go with it seems to be lifting the feeling of work always being so forced and achieving not very much, keeping mind just because I am an illustrator does not limit me to just have to be constantly be drawing.

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