The black swan

The black swan one of my Favourite films, this dark psychological thriller, has so much more to it than a film with the narrative based on dance alone. As the story develops it becomes more and more prominent that there is a girl struggling with her mental health.

The need for perfection which can never be attained as ‘perfect’ cant exist as is this the nature of this the goal post is constantly changing and nothing will ever hit the expectations ultimately killing her.

The black and white swan represents the yin and yang/ good and evil/ pure and dark

The black swan showing the dark impulses and how much life can be risked.

The white swan showing virgin innocence, some what child like

Exploring the title ‘The Black Swan’ this can also mean artistic perfection, in any creative discipline weather it be Dance, art, acting the list goes on. The dangers and the risks or the price people ultimately pay to achieve this. Ultimately in this film this is what kills her reaching this ‘Artistic perfection’

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