Folds of Fabric

Exploring how I can play with digital drawing and photography out of the context that it fits, exploring how I can create this fabric feel, but still allowing the original to hold the information but but placing it into folds of fabric does it become something else? could it transition to another way of working? does it give it potential to physically be printed onto fabric or textile? these are the questions I am asking myself, while I am playing with this idea?

These are my starting points purely through the process of play in Photoshop I am learning new things: these are what prompted me to explore this and find quicker more effective ways of placing work into folds of fabric.

I found it became inconsistent and frustrating with the above to push this further understanding and research. The images below being far from perfect but feel they could be the start of something maybe?

Using photography and drawing as a layer and taking actual fabric samples scanned or photographed as a separate layer, I feel has taken a step forward from were I originally was a week ago.

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