Carl Jung: Colour Psychology

With one of my big interests being linked to colour and what it means. I am now delving deeper looking at colour from different perspectives, will this in hindsight open up new ideas for my own creative practice if anything will give me more understanding about how colour is important in every aspect of our life not just in the studio making decisions for a new project. I think its a fundamental tool for the world we live in today.

“Carl Jung is most prominently associated with the pioneering stages of color psychologyJung was most interested incolors‘ properties and meanings, as well as in art’s potential as a tool for psychotherapy. … His work has historically informed the modern field of color psychology.” 

Colour is used in representation to emotion and mood as below a simple way that this can be communicated but not limited to this. Every colour has a tonal value a harmony and different hue, if I was to include this it could become complicated but at a later date is something I am going to explore and research to get my own understanding.

Color Psychology: How Different Colors Are Influencing You

This is still a very small list and not limited to the words written as red can also mean anger and Blue can also me innocence.

I like the Idea that colour can provoke feelings not just within our own self but colour can project a mood in its self which can instantly change how we felt before this.

The play on colour can be a fun interesting process and experiment, I would like to test this with in my own working process in a series of the same images, how would it make people feel purely down to the colour combination or the tone of each piece which would remain the same only difference being play on colour. What impact could this have on the visual communication?


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