Trying to find a way that I can use this USB microscope effectively without to much noise left in the photo which is not the easiest thing to remove. I have explored trying to contain the light by blocking it out, making it more direct onto what I am trying to look at which is really hit and miss. The title of this post is an app which is designed to be used with a USB connection.

The photos above using this new app, the images are not perfect but as I have no control on the settings I cant alter the resolution in which the image is taken, but feel have more control the images are photographing much brighter and clearer, than what is below which is used through the computers camera, being very muted and visually not that clear, even taking them thorough a digital process is not always successful. I think its important to see the difference and trial ways of which i can use this tool until something clicks and that will be the way its used. On the other hand nothing in my eyes is ever wasted it may not be for now but can sit in a box for a rainy day I guess.

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