Seeing into the flower

So I am a super nerd about my new toy. Keep thinking to myself ‘what would this look like microscopically’ it is so annoying but at the same time the way in which I work if it comes into my head I have to just try it (think this stems back from collage days my tutor saying it to me but then the tables turned and I was saying it to him lol)

So what does a flower or leaf look like how far can I get into the microscopic world with the limitations of a real basic microscope.

These being tiny leafs and flower buds visually to look at intially

The formation and structure that makes up the leaf , different patterns that are barely visible to study normally.

The hidden elements of pollen within the flower of a buttercup


How far can I see into the structure of a daisy its quite funny how hairy flowers actually can be on the stems

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