Reflection and identifying next stage

I have to admit I drive myself crazy at times navigating my way through a project is at times testing. Moving forward then hitting a creative block. I think that is part of my working process, creating and getting absorbed by cresting a lot of experimentation ideas, jumping from one thing that creates another idea before I know it I end up with a mass body of work I at times have no clue what or were to go with it losing my direction of communication. On reflection on this process what always happens I think the key point I am trying to work out for myself is to stop and go back to my research and identify what could fit or have potential to visually communicate.


These images above created from my drawings and experimentation’s below using a USB microscope. I feel if I new this was a thing before I got to this stage of my project, I would have looked at creating my work from a different angle maybe? I feel that they are communicating cell structure’s more clearly than my drawings below.


But it has opened a new dimension for me photos below are fabric/textiles a sock for example. I think what I am truly interested in is seeing the unseen. As visual people there is only so much our naked eye can see. So much of the world passes us by being unseen as we just don’t have the ability to see it. A sock is still the same even if it is not looked at for the item but under 1000x microscope it still remains a sock but not as we would visually connect with.

I still haven’t quite worked out the final thing for this project. I am going to explore some text that can maybe help inform and make sense of the cell structures I have been looking at in nature and the body. I am working towards an A5 book with a text intro to help the viewer make sense of my images. It being small and conditioned in this way as I am looking at the microscopic world. I don’t feel this project will be resolved not yet anyway. I feel this is the start of a bigger line of investigation which could go many different ways and feed into many different areas of my work and I am OK with that think the awareness of this is key, to allowing things to naturally evolve like they have already.

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