Surface print design

My current project is making think about surface design a lot. I feel this is a good time to explore this contextually and getting an understanding of whats out there and who is out there using this process, in enhance my range of knowledge and understanding as well as inspiration which in future can help to inform my own ideas for my own practice.

Hannah Davies

The quality of structure within her work and precision of line flows so fluidly within her draw I am drawn to her clear use of line and limited colour pallet. The use of repetition and symmetry is an area I like to explore within my own work and her intricate detail gives me a strong visual connection with this work

Linda Colsh

Image result for linda colsh

Her use of complex layers and mixed media processes to formulate her designs is what makes her work so interesting. I have just pinpointed this one but I could look at her work for hours studying how she creates and builds her work using cloth as her surface predominantly. With this print I feel it shows her use of stitch, line, print and photography all working in perfect harmony. The way she keeps to a monochrome colour palette I think brings the work to life. For me the connection is about the surface of her design and her working process.

I myself combine mixed media processes to try and formulate and communicate visually, which is something I am still trying to figure out how effectively every time to pull it all together and make sense of it. I think a key area of my research could be to look more in depth at artists who create surface design finding out there working process, which I think is important to develop for myself, there is so much more to the art world than the finished ascetic but we are not always made aware or visually able to sew anything but the ‘Perfect’ outcome.


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