project reflection

I have reached a stage within this project that I have now identified the area I am interested in which is looking at cell structures, seeing the un seen. After a stage of creative block and having a conversation about this has allowed me to pin point my direction more, I have all their foundation work I just need to pull it together. How do I create the structure of a cell? They are not 2D objects and I cannot rely on drawing alone to make sense of this unseen world that is around us, I am going to use the skills I have with using my camera and see how photography light and Photoshop can allow me to refine and expand what I am looking and to communicate more effectively. Also, I have managed to get my hands on a USB microscope I am able to give my 2D work a new life of its own creating cell structures within the texture of mixed media drawings. Which I will as a project create contact sheets to show further refinement within my project and between 4-6 prints exploring my work under the microscope, allowing the viewer to think they are looking at something that isn’t exactly what they think it is.

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