colour harmonys

We all know the saying “pink and green should never be seen” that to create the perfect ambiance of colour is to balance between tonal values essentially creating the perfect colour harmony. I am going to explore this as I know getting it wrong can make or brake an outfit or piece of work sending out the wrong message. But on a personal level I sometimes disagree with this, colour clashing when done right can work well. Something that technically looks so wrong can look so right.

So what does this mean;

“Harmony is nature’s way of saying that two or more things together make sense. Color harmony represents a satisfying balance or unity of colors. Combinations of colors that exist in harmony are pleasing to the eye. The human brain distinguishes the visual interest and the sense of order created by the harmony and forms a dynamic equilibrium.”

In my own experience of using colour as a illustrator and as a hairdresser (not so much these days) the colour wheel is the most valuable tool I have ever been introduced to. which can be an overwhelming thing to look at but has been key to a lot of the way I use colour within my work.

Image result for complementary colors

Looking at a simple colour wheel initially braking down primary and complementary colours. So if something is to yellow adding element of purple/violet will help to neutralize the un wanted tones as well as  be a complement to this colour depending on the depth of tone used. Un- wanted green tones which sits between blue and yellow adding red will help to rectify sometimes that un wanted muddy green.

I am going to look into this further playing with colour and take risks within the tonal values/hues of colour. Is there still a no go zone for particular areas as in this day and age, everything and anything goes you just have to look around to see this visually.

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