Meaning of colour

I have learnt over the years (as far back as when I was a hairdresser) that the tone of colour can make or brake something, I have always had an experimental approach to colour. But in regards to my art practice through vast research and understanding of colour theory, the use of the wrong colour or tone of colour can literally make or brake something. I am learning to be more mindful which my choices. It shouldn’t be “I have used pink as it is my favorite colour” I feel it is now for me does this colour communicate what I am trying to say? or does it hinder and completely change the meaning? Has the quality of the work been lost by wrong judgement with colour choice.


Image result for colour and meaning

This is a really basic brake down of this as the tonal value within each colour can read differently to above, which I am going to research back into on my next post on this subject matter.


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