New project

My final project this year: Being able to write my own brief is fun and exciting, but at the same time, brings anxiety as it is all on me to make this work.

My project theme is ‘Fragments’

A small piece or a part, especially when broken from something whole”  (

Potential way I may look at this being in nature. A leaf is a final product for example, but what is it that makes the leaf? visually it is what it is as we visually connect with it. But what happens when the examination becomes more than that the veins, skeleton without these important elements it would not be. I am interested in the microscopic fragments that build what we see a nature, they have so many different components that build together creating a texture pattern within themselves. I feel this is where I want to start my research process. Which will allow me to keep going or evolve my project research quickly into a new direction at this early stage.


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