Collections within the Victoria and Albert

My exploration within the Victoria and Albert museum, Leading me to vast rooms of collections of objects and Jewellery (what is always one of my Favourite things to draw from observation) Photographing various things. With the thinking I can can explore and build on my drawing skills using these as a reference point, using as part of my visual drawing diary trying to draw everyday.

IMG_2003-ANIMATION.gifThe amount of diamonds and jewels within the collection was crazy. I know that photography never used to be aloud within this part. Just a few of my favourites that I feel are different to what i have looked at in previously work exploring jewellery collections.IMG_1985-COLLAGE.jpg

IMG_2012-COLLAGE.jpgI found this an interesting point as in my experience of looking a jewellery from different periods of time, it has always been focused on the object not potential process or even plate to create the item. I was nice to see drawing to plate giving a small understanding how the process potentially is worked.




IMG_1958-ANIMATION.gifLooking at very everyday objects from some of the collections. It makes me think again though earlier periods of time compered to the modern day there was a lot more workmanship or was this based on status and wealth? Even down to cutlery it seems more to them than just going to Argos or online, doesn’t compere to the detail some of these collections hold. Is this due to your modern day consumerist society? and consumption everything and anything isn’t used to last. My underling thought about this is corporate capitalist gain within the company’s we buy from.

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