Still pushing my investigation and playing with the idea of editorial layout and collage. Exploring the potential of this process, using different elements, layering ideas in Photoshop. Trying to document each stage both positive and negative outcomes.

screenshot 1Screenshot development, helping me to get a general overview of what is working well or not before I have to make the decision to push it further or leave it as it is.

I wanted to work some of my photos I recently took in a collage effect way of building these layouts. Working with the theme nature and winter. I feel that maybe the way for this to become more visually effective is less is more and not over complicate the layout, i need to bear in mind how I want this to be navigated visually.


glitterNew lead of investigation, I scanned in my drawing. I am trying to workout how I can get that glittery shimmer effect when, editing my illustration digitally. As you can see the resolution is all wrong within this. Discussing this with my tutors to get that effect on the computer is not easy, allowing me the freedom to play see what could work or what doesn’t. Who doesn’t like paying with glitter.

My investigation is beginning photographing glitter, I am thinking good light setting on my camera may give the reflection and effect I am looking for. I am also thinking what about screen printing a block section to draw over?

Collage play;

This was a disaster but thought work over it, am thinking everything has potential to be re worked into something else. Exploring using collage/colour/mark making.

Braking the overall out come down, allows me to create multiple images to refine from just one piece of work.

20180130_191201_resizedPin pointing this section to refine.edit1 (1) By adding colour and texture using coral draw on my Galaxy note 8: Softens the visual quality. Adding pops of colour and areas of detail, merges the collage section together in a short space of time. With having the original as it is allows to work into this from different approaches.

I have been looking a Georgia Hawkins collaged drawings, I feel that to research into her  work is appropriate for were I am currently.

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