Film: Alice in wonderland

Image result for alice in wonderland dvd disneyAlice in wonderland, one of my oldest and most Favourite film of all time. I have over the years used the Disney film and the psychedelic content, as forms of inspiration for my work . As much as I love this Disney classic. The variations of the story I have read and seen all having a slightly different take, but always influential.  John Tenniel’s classic drawings are some of my Favourite, you can get a feel of the story with the visual quality alone. His use of of line contrast of light and dark ink, for me you can feel there is a lot of strange things going on within the story just from some of the compositions in the illustrations and the content of others.

Father William & son 1Alice with the Duchess, cook and babyAlice stuck in the White Rabbit's houseThe Mad Hatter recitingI have looked into the stories that have been written by Lewis Carroll, with alot of digging around there is so much to explore the fact alice is a real person (Alice Liddell) I could talk about this all day.

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