Making the Perfect Picture

We had a seminar Tuesday 24th Oct ‘ making the perfect picture ‘ So what does this mean? how can you justify or articulate ‘perfection’ over one thing more than another….. one persons perfection isn’t the same as someone else’s. How can this be categorised or some of the most un-perfect work is ultimately perfect.

This has got me thinking after our group discussion, for me on a personal level the word Perfect at times is a hindrance to my creative ability, leading to creative blocks, days of procrastination: like the perfect outcome being in your head before any experimentation or idea generation has been considered.

key areas I took from this seminar which for me need to be considered lets say a successful picture (rather than perfect) or not so successful picture

  • Clear visual understanding
  • Target aduance
  • Appropriate media used/does it enhance or hinder consept
  • Productive work consisting of- inspiration/research/concept/experimentation/reflection
  • Time scale but on both ends quick or lengthy either way doesn’t make it more worthy than the other
  • Inspiration has the potential to inform your ideas and development
  • Inspiration ultimately is everywhere if you can look at it like that


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