The American Dream Pop to the Present

One of the most inspiring exhibitions I have seen this year.



1960’s post war creating a momentum of american art over 6 decades. The rise of minimalism and conceptual art, raising issues including feminism/race/war.

Andy Warhol: scaled up repetition of prints but displayed as single prints, still giving the impact or illusion it is as one.

Within the rooms of the exhibition as a whole, there was so much to see and get interested and excited about. Bold and ambitious prints, the era of pop art created blurred lines between fine and commercial printing.

The three artists that stood out to me in a big way being: (early 1960’s onwards) Johns, Rauschenberg, Dine- how they experimented with creative process pushing the boundaries of print making, intermixing of print techniques.

Just a few of my Favourites from the exhibition book I brought.


(page 84 Jim Dine Five paintbrushes first state 1972)

Seeing this collection etching prints, they were almost life like, that you could touch the softness within the bristles. He produced 3 versions of the same print each time adding another technique to the original etching.


(page 67 Jasper Johns 1980)

This colour lithograph for me shows the complexity that print can be, even with out the technology we have now. The connection for me being he is building this print using different techniques to create this over all outcome.



(p72 Robert Raushenberg Sky Garden from stoned moon)

In real life the size ans scale of this print was insane, for me almost unimaginable, how did he have the space let alone be able to create something of this size so seamlessly. I have never experienced or had a chance to explore a lithograph but Raushenburg and a lot of print makers of that time used this process a lot into there work intermixing like in this print Raushenberg used a combination with screen-printing , with my knowledge and experience of screen-printing myself it can at times be a testing and unpredictable processes.


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